If you ever wanted a piece of me to take away with you...wherever you go, then here it is.  My blog is probably the most personal creative project I have ever worked on, and it offers a peek into how I live my life and what keeps me inspired.

I would like to keep my content fun and lighthearted, so I'll try my best not to get too ranty or political. We all deserve a break in our day, and I hope I can offer you that through this blog.

On now & jenn, I cover my most beloved topics regarding beauty, fashion, music, food and so much more!  For your browsing convenience, I've divided my posts into seasonal tabs (listed above) and quick labels (listed on the right-hand side).

If your pretty eyeballs like what you see, then put a smile on this girl's face by following me here in the blogosphere.  You won't regret it.

Always living.  Always blogging.  Always all ways.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ― Ana├»s Nin

Unless otherwise stated, all materials on this website is copyright Jennifer C. Yu of now & jenn and The Naked Cookbook.  Feel free to use my images as long as there’s a clear and direct link to this website.  Please contact me beforehand if you would like to use my content for a publication.  Also, it is not legal to use any of my copyright content for monetary purposes.


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