January 5, 2019


Husband Commentary: "...you ate 6 Oreos in less than a minute."

Due date: February 11, 2019

How far along: 34 weeks; baby recognizes voices and songs

Size of baby: As big as a butternut squash

Gender: Baby GIRL!

Total weight gain: 34 lbs.

Symptoms: Headaches. Fatigue. Low energy. Some pelvic pressure.

Physical changes: I'm getting thicker that's for sure. Hips look wider. Calves look more swollen on some days.

Labor signs: No major signs...still feeling Braxton-Hicks contractions every day though. I feel like those are becoming more frequent. 

Stretch marks: Nothing noticeable. I do feel like my belly button looks super weird and will be wrinkly post-partum.

Wedding ring: On

Maternity clothes: My 2-in-1 belly wrap has been really useful, but it does put extra pressure on my bladder. I definitely pee WAY more often when I wear it, but I don't think I can live without it at this point. I still haven't bought maternity shirts and don't think I'll have to. I'm still wearing my Target pants and jeans. 

Diet: I'm trying to avoid sugar, but it's difficult. The holidays ruined my whole game plan!

Food cravings:

        • Citrus fruits...all fruits really. The juicier the better!
        • Fish
        • Spicy foods
        • Cakes and cookies
        • Sourdough bread

Food aversions: None. 

Exercise: I haven't exercised in weeks! I don't feel great about it, but all I want to do is be a potato. I was mainly just walking anyways, and I probably walk enough throughout the day. 

Sleep: Sleep has been good this week! I'm consistently waking up before the alarm, but at least it isn't at 3-4AM anymore. 

Miss anything in particular: Sleeping without a bowling ball on me.

Mood: Happy! My friend Sarra came to visit for the weekend and her company was something I didn't know I needed. It was so nice getting to catch up with her. 

Looking forward to: Our next ultrasound! Hopefully the baby is doing fine!

Worst moment this week: Getting the tdap shot...I hate shots! Also, forgetting about our hospital tour. Now we have to wait till the 26th. Let's hope baby doesn't come before that or else we will have no idea where to go when I'm in labor.

Best moment this week: Long 4-day weekend. Short work week. And got lots of rest. Feeling good!


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