October 20, 2018


Husband Notes: "You got stuck in bed...embarrassing."

Due date: February 11, 2019

How far along: 23 weeks; baby's face is fully formed

Size of baby: As big as a grapefruit

Gender: We will be revealing the gender at our baby shower! 

Total weight gain: 20 lbs

Symptoms: Heart burn, indigestion, leg cramps. The nausea actually came back this week, and I'm wondering why. Maybe it's the lack of orange juice?

Physical changes: I can see and feel my innie belly button starting to get shallower. I'm sure it'll become an outie in a few more weeks.

Labor signs: None

Stretch marks: None

Wedding ring: On

Maternity clothes: I finally got my Target order and the two pair of jeans I ordered actually fit quite well. I've come to terms with the fact that all maternity jeans are going to give me a pancake butt due to the stretchy fabric and construction. Of course, the $150-200 ones are super flattering and make my butt look 10 years younger, but I'm not willing to pay that much for jeans that I'll be wearing for like 3-4 months.

Diet: The digestive issues are driving me crazy, but I'm getting better at reducing my portion sizes and also, eating more often.

Food cravings:
        • Sour candy

        • Apples - especially sour green apples (w/ caramel when given the option)
        • Banana peppers
        • Spicy foods
        • Tomatoes in any form...especially grape tomatoes
        • CARBS - pasta, bread, pizza

Food aversions: No major aversions.

Exercise: Discovered the incline trainer at our gym. It provides such a great low-impact workout!

Sleep: I'm rolling my eyes right now. Sleep has been okay. My vivid pregnancy dreams keep waking up at 3am! 

Miss anything in particular: I miss feeling 100%. I miss my body. Everything is morphing. I'm trying so hard to enjoy my pregnancy, but every time I look in the mirror, I feel like I don't recognize myself. 

Mood: It was a relatively relaxed work week and Friday approached quickly. I'm happy overall and glad to be enjoying my weekend.

Looking forward to: Hanging out with Evan's mom this weekend!

Worst moment this week: Dreaming about growing flowers on my back, and how I thought pulling them off would be cool. Well, it wasn't cool, and it exposed deep tissue on my back due to how far down they were rooted. It was really gross, and I woke up immediately...and yes, I felt my back to make sure there was nothing growing. I had that dream twice this week. Like whyyyy?!

Best moment this week: Me talking about how all the budget-friendly maternity jeans I've tried give me a pancake butt, and Evan telling me that he loves pancakes. What a sweet husband I have. And what an embarrassing wife I am to be sharing this exchange. 


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