August 4, 2018

BUMPDATE: Weeks 9-12

Due date: February 11, 2019!!!

How far along: 12 weeks (debatable; Evan and I think it's more like 10 or 11 weeks)

Size of baby: As big as plum; 1:1 head to body ratio

Gender: Unknown

Total weight gain: 5 lbs

Symptoms: Major fatigue and nausea

Labor signs: None

Stretch marks: None

Belly and belly button: Feeling super bloated still

Wedding ring: On

Maternity clothes: N/A

Diet: I'm eating way more than normal and craving fruit like crazy.

Food cravings:

        • OJ (a gallon a week)

        • French fries
        • ALL the fruit (apples and bananas all day)

Food aversions: CHICKEN. OMG.

Exercise: I can't breath! Workouts have been challenging.

Sleep: The fr
equent urination is continues to interrupt my sleep.

Miss anything in particular: Beer!

Mood: Annoyed that I'm tired ALL THE TIME.

Looking forward to: Cooler has been so hot lately.

Worst moment this week: Getting out of bed every morning haha

Best moment this week: 
Having our
 first obstetrician appointment!


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