August 11, 2018


Due date: February 11, 2019

How far along: 
13 weeks; baby’s head is 1/3 the size of its body

Size of baby: As big as lemon

Gender: Don’t know yet! 

Total weight gain: 7 lbs

Headaches and nausea; uterus growth causing round ligament pain

Labor signs: None

Stretch marks: None

Belly and belly button: Looks super bloated, but no bump

Wedding ring: On

Maternity clothes: 
Researching…bought some stretchy ponte pants and jeans from Target. Need to test them out.

I feel like I’m eating a lot of fruit and veggies, but I’m trying to eat a little bit of everything else. 

Food cravings:
        • OJ (a gallon a week)
        • Cheese quesadillas

        • Fruit (grapes, oranges, pineapples)
        • Green beans
        • All the fruits (especially apples and berries)

Food aversions: I can't even look at meat right now. Especially chicken.

Exercise: Still running but will probably stop after this week. I just can't catch my breath. 

Not great…getting up 4:30am every night to pee and then I have a hard time falling back to sleep

Miss anything in particular: 
Beer! I love day drinking in the summer and summer beer releases are my favorite…

Mood: Generally pretty happy but the constant fatigue really gets me down sometimes.

Looking forward to: The second trimester and getting more energy...hopefully!

Worst moment this week: Getting more blood drawn to test for Down syndrome.

Best moment this week: 
Going to the PGA tournament and not needing to go pee once!   


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