August 31, 2017

DAILY BLURBS (August 2017)

Katie's Pizza & Pasta

8/1 Figured out how to do multiple reads per well on Safire, Frosty visits
8/2 Long day...couldn't make tikka so Evan grilled steaks
8/3 Mailed out Cook's Illustrated package, a/c drama
8/4 Settled rent issue, tried out Katie's Pizza and Pasta for the first time, overpriced Global Brew
8/5 Beer and food tasting at Schnucks, Sweetflexx, Maddie's bunny, antique malls, put flag up
8/6 Lazy day, Maddie still obsessing over bunny holes
8/7 Finished all filming for Xenvo
8/8 Anvita's last day of summer lab, uploaded Xenvo review, succulent from Alex
8/9 Weird Aldi steaks, to buy or not to buy pine window frame
8/10 Home update
8/11 Maria's last day of summer lab, Maddie is bad and got up on the white couch!
8/12 Joint account, errands, naps
8/13 Rearranged home layout
8/14 Tried new short rib recipe
8/15 Still planning Eclipse watch, completed 384-well HP plates
8/16 Storm, Society, Stacked
8/17 Rebecca's super moist zucchini brownies
8/18 Michael's "last" day, purchased pine window frame at 20% off
8/19 Evan bought us a Meyer lemon tree!
8/20 Errands...putting stuff up for sale on eBay
8/21 Solar Eclipse 2017
8/22 Back to actual work
8/23 Found out about Jeff...RIP, my heart will never be the same
8/24 Having a tough day...
8/25 Evan leaves for FL
8/26 Perennial Maman release, National Dog Day - Petco trip w/ Maddie
8/27 Errands, bumming, reflection...missing Evan
8/28 Figured out kitchen art arrangement
8/29 New message
8/30 Jon's Hurricane Harvey update
8/31 Bought fresh figs for the first time

Fig cuties!

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