July 15, 2017

HOW TO: Move A Box Spring That Just Won't Fit (Cutting and Folding)

We've been sleeping on the floor for the past 10 days...but not tonight! Woo hoo!

When we first moved in, the rigid box spring couldn't make it up the staircase, so we settled on just placing the mattress on the rug. Evan didn't like that idea, but I was like whatever. Also, Maddie really enjoyed having us sleep on the floor with her. It was like a slumber party! 

Anyways, we contemplated buying a new box spring, but they're expensive and we're also in the market for a new bed. With that in mind, Evan decided to Google some solutions, which led us to folding and cutting our box spring. After a few hours of stress, we managed to get the darn thing up the stairs! 

Sawed box spring in half, folded it in half, and moved it up the stairs

Reconstructing the frame with additional wood 

Reattaching the dust cover

A bit messy, but it's done! 

The directions on Instructables say to cut the dust cover in half, but Evan just removed the staples on three sides and folded it over to expose the frame. This way, you don't have to do extra work closing the center up later...saves you some time in the long run. That's the only thing we did differently, and it worked like a charm. I would say that the most difficult step is folding and unfolding the box spring. The steel wires do not bend without a fight!

If you guys try this, let me know in the comments! I want to know if this works for other people too. Good luck!

xo - jenn

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