July 31, 2017

DAILY BLURBS (July 2017)

Timber sunsets

7/1 Side Project for Tete de Cuvee, meeting Jessie, home for the 4th
7/2 Ottawa for the day
7/3 Cookout @ the Hembras, Kraig new place and new dog, Summer!
7/4 Lunch with fam
7/5 Officially homeowners and newly engaged!
7/6 Nothing has sunk in yet...could not focus for the life of me today
7/7 Moved more stuff to the house, Cugino's and Narrow Gauge
7/8 More moving, finally got to see some fireworks
7/9 Taking Maddie to Tower Grove Park for the last time, more moving, Chipotle
7/10 MOVING DAY: Two Men and Truck, car accident
7/11 Maria's engagement ring cake
7/12 Side Project for Leaner and Merlin's Milk
7/13 Maplewood's Aldi is awesome
7/14 Cleaning the old place and last photos
7/15 SP Styrbjorn release, half day of work, Andy's Frozen Custard, bed frame DIY
7/16 Finally got everything put away in the house, errands all day, parents arrive
7/17 St. Louis Bubble Tea, IKEA, Peacemaker Lobster and Crab
7/18 Wudon, Olive Supermarket
7/19 Take car into Abra, Salt & Smoke w/ Mike and Cindy
7/20 Get rid of cable? Super hot day...a/c can barely keep up
7/21 Home loan sold to Chase
7/22 SP La Ruche & Backpack Fashion Show, Sump, Perennial Artisan Ales, IMOs
7/23 Home Depot, The Gramophone, re-sealing shower project
7/24 Maddie is finally roaming the yard by herself!
7/25 Pilot run of primary assays stressing me out, Maddie tripped Evan going down the stairs :(
7/26 Forgot keys at work...
7/27 Got my car back, GUNS N ROSES tonight!!!
7/28 Confirmed: Melissa Reese is part Asian
7/29 MAC free lipstick fail, SP Jammy and Cassis du Fermier, last visit of old place
7/30 Maddie experienced PetSmart for the first time...she loved it!
7/31 Tasting w/ Side Project, Peacemaker, Sidney St. Cafe

Our obsession with Side Project is SO REAL

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