June 30, 2017

DAILY BLURBS (June 2017)

Bye, fruit flies!

6/1 So much paperwork for the house, dinner @ Mai Lee
6/2 First time trying yellow watermelon
6/3 Black Dog, Jessica and Ryan's wedding
6/4 Power outage at Schnucks...
6/5 Caught ALL the fruit flies
6/6 Paypal sucks...
6/7 Inspection day!
6/8 Still stressing about Paypal...
6/9 4th time seeing Modest Mouse, Moonrise Hotel
6/10 Discovering paletas! Yum!
6/11 Failed attempt at ice cream float video :(
6/12 GSW win NBA Championship!
6/13 Received appraisal, Wine and Cheese Place for Side Project Merci
6/14 Countering inspection repairs - need fire door
6/15 HH w/ ITap and Racanelli's
6/16 Movers scheduled!
6/17 PinchMe video, Ice Cream Floats video, Last time @ Three Monkeys
6/18 Got to try Side Project - Double Barrel Derivation...so good!
6/19 Home survey done! (Neighbors are encroaching...)
6/20 Easement signed
6/21 Evan's car :( and Kelsy's GOOD NEWS!
6/22 Survey and Title issues...ughhh.
6/23 Joanna Gaines' parents...too cute!
6/24 Trying Bruery Terreux's Goses Are Red + listing more things on eBay
6/25 Last day with Lex15
6/26 Found out fire door will not be installed before closing...grrr
6/27 Home loan commitment finalized!
6/28 Closing Disclosure signed!
6/29 All set with loan and closing
6/30 Finally received my Kat Von D lippies!

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