May 31, 2017


Good vibes @ McGurks

5/1 Made a full roast chicken for the first time
5/2 CryoEM Symposium, Susan bomb, Cards game with lab
5/3 Introduced dry-brushing back into my skincare routine
5/4 Text fights suck...grr.
5/5 Bob and Kraig visit - STL Microfest 2017, Mission Taco
5/6 Side Project - D7 and 3 Candles, Kentucky Bourby Beer Garden Party, McGurks
5/7 Added more to my Poshmark Closet
5/8 Finished all PAND Study dissections
5/9 HOPE Center Retreat
5/10 Still working on closets: eBay, Poshmark
5/11 Last preliminary experiment for TDP-43
5/12 First official Food Truck Friday, Side Project Cellar w/ Amir and Doug
5/13 Strawberry rhubarb crumble and first time trying gummy edibles
5/14 Hi-Pointe Drive In
5/15 House hunting! Groby house, Arlington house
5/16 Trial of Fluor Screen - 5 plates
5/17 Buying and returning hats, Maddie and Daisy on the porch :)
5/18 First time hearing about Center Ice Brewery
5/19 BCA training, Amherst house, Kitchen Kulture, Ted Drewes
5/20 Ring shopping, Taste of Maplewood, Maddie's 10th Bday, Kriek du Fermier
5/21 Went to two open houses: Jerome and Stanford, dinner @ Frankie and Taylor's
5/22 Submitted an offer for Stanford, back to the original bus route, Kbop for lunch, romphims?
5/23 Jerome house again, Columbia house in our favorite UCity neighborhood
5/24 Signed up for Gateway Greening
5/25 Cornell house with fallen brick, tiny Bruno house in Maplewood
5/26 Home for Memorial Day weekend
5/27 Ottawa: lunch at Marseilles, dinner @ Monte's
5/28 Finally found a cute fruit basket, Grandma's day
5/29 Memorial Day with family - love and bibimbap
5/30 We put an offer in for a house and we got it!
5/31 Looking up how to recreate seller's kitchen prints - soOo excited about our house!

Sneak peek of our new home...

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May 19, 2017

PLAY > Miley Cyrus - Malibu

Happy Friday! 
#inlove #weekendromance


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