October 31, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (October 2016)

10/1 Blues City Deli Street Fest & Rizz-tober Fest
10/2 Trying the on Fleek beer, Sunday football and nachos :)
10/3 Craving pho like crazy...Truc Lam
10/4 Playing around with new iPhone updates...digital touch haha
10/5 Found out our indoor tree is called a Bonsai Braided Money Tree
10/6 Preparing for Evan's mom to visit
10/7 City Park Grill and skillet cookies
10/8 Farmer's market and Frazer's w/ Evan's mom
10/9 Morning walk, Pastaria, Craft Beer Store, Sunday football
10/10 Cell culture learnings
10/11 Cubs win NLDS against Giants!
10/12 Found the most perfect polka dot umbella to put in my wishlist!
10/13 UIUC for meeting, Firefly Grill
10/14 Chandana's Smore Pumpkin Cake
10/15 Lona's Lil Eats for tea and rice wraps
10/16 Had the neighbors over for dinner and pumpkin carving
10/17 Feeling off on a Monday...hungover?
10/18 First journal club presentation
10/19 Fall storm...panicking dog...can't sleep
10/20 Olive Supermarket, Dao Tien, Monday Night Football Bears/Packers
10/21 B/N for the weekend
10/22 Bob's birthday, Cubs win NLCS
10/23 Destihl and Grove Street Bakery cookies
10/24 Rebecca is back!
10/25 Big fight...ugh and experiment didn't work again
10/26 Got pooped on by a bird... but Cubs win!
10/27 Kitty is on the loose!
10/28 City Park Grill for dinner and game
10/29 Errands all day, costume making, and Monster Bash STL (Steve and Blue)
10/30 Cubs win Game 5 - the elimination game! YESSSSS
10/31 Starting to learn autoradiography

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October 10, 2016

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