August 7, 2016

LAY'S Global Potato Chips Taste Test #PassportToFlavor (SNACK BREAK)

INDIAN TIKKA MASALA (6/10) - These chips are kettle cooked which automatically makes them my favorite. Though I was a bit disappointed, because I felt like it was missing a lot of the elements that make Tikka Masala so tasty. You can definitely taste the curry powder, but there was a lack of tomato, yogurt, ginger, cilantro, and other spices. Tikka, or tikha, also means spicy hot in Hindi, and these chips did not deliver in that regard either. I was left craving a fuller, more complete flavor that included some acidity and bite, but needless to say, it was pretty mediocre for tikka masala.

BRAZILIAN PICANHA (6/10) - I guess this is supposed to taste like steak and chimichurri, but it's nothing like any steak and chimichurri that I've ever had.  The steak flavor is very strong, and I feel like the chimichurri gets lost some how. It lacked zestiness and could have benefited from some of the chimichurri's acidity. I still liked them though.

"AMERICAN" BEER 'n BRATS (3/10) - Okay, so I know these weren't part of the Lay's Global Flavors, but I thought they were worth trying. This was also before I realized that the international chips were Olympics inspired. Unfortunately, we both thought that these were super weird! Upon trying, the taste of beer and brats completely coated my mouth, and it felt like my tastebuds were suffocating. These chips made me feel like I've been daydrinking and eating sausages all afternoon. 'Murica?

CHINESE SZECHUAN CHICKEN (6/10) - Not super flavorful, but it has a spicy kick that my boyfriend and I both enjoyed. Does it taste like Chinese food? very generic chinese food that is.  These were easy to eat though and weren't offensive in the slightest.

GREEK TZATZIKI (5/10) - These were...interesting.  It tasted very similar to the Lay's gyro chips, but are slightly better. I still can't get over the notes of cucumber. You can really taste the cucumber flavor! The chips are like a fancy version of sour cream and onion chips, but definitely not as good.

Which flavors have you guys tried and how would you rank them? Sound off in the comments below!


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