August 31, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (August 2016)

saying goodbye to our old view

8/1 McGurks for dinner...goodbye Soulard, hello Tower Grove!
8/2 Hannah's coconut cake, first homemade dinner at new place :)
8/3 Forever unpacking...put guest bed together
8/4 Got cable/internet set up & received parachute shower curtain
8/5 Ryan on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!
8/6 Filmed Lay's Global Chips Taste Test Video, date night: Taylor Williamson @ Helium
8/7 Finally feeling settled into new place
8/8 Thesis defense, last time at old apt.
8/9 Rebecca got me a cake to celebrate :)
8/10 Wrapping up [REVIEW] Always Radiant
8/11 Making progress on the Neurology paper
8/12 Tried Guerrilla Street Food Truck - Filipino bibimbap?
8/13 Picked out clothes for HAWAII
8/14 Rediscovered the Mexican jumping beans, back to St. Louis
8/15 Mom liked her new makeup organizer, returned ALL the Target rugs
8/16 Made delicious Slow Cooker Hawaiian Pork Tacos!
8/17 Colorful outfits in lab today, PET assay/Autorad/Transfection
8/18 Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berry Treat?!
8/19 Learned how to:  transfection, inoculation, and purification
8/20 Testing out the OXO 9 cup Brain Barista
8/21 Pho Grand for dinner
8/22 Our landlord. That is all.
8/23 Finding the evil bear
8/24 A really bad day, but at least my experiments went smoothly
8/25 Benito visits - first time at Baida for dinner
8/26 Schlafly's for dinner...mussels were just okay
8/27 Took Benito to The Mudhouse, Whisk, and Diana's Bakery
8/28 Powell video :)
8/29 Finally getting around to accepting friend requests
8/30 Wrapping up dental applications
8/31 Feeling down...

WHISK: a sustainable bakery

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