July 31, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (July 2016)

Modest Mouse

7/1 Home for the long weekend
7/2 Burger Bar, Modest Mouse, Giordano's
7/3 Camping in Ottawa
7/4 Lunch with fam...back to St. Louis
7/5 Remembered I left my necklace in the hotel...grr
7/6 Messed up my first independent experiment
7/7 Ran two homologous assays
7/8 Yay, FRIDAY...2nd full week of work
7/9 Tried the strawberry shortcake sundae at Ted Drewes
7/10 Edwardsville to pack up all my shit
7/11 First time having lunch in Olin walkway
7/12 Defrosted -80 freezer
7/13 Home for lunch - 1st time
7/14 Flights for Hawaii booked, double rainbow in STL!
7/15 Bloomington for the weekend
7/16 Medici Craft Beer & Jazz Street Fair
7/17 Back to STL
7/18 Ate at BJH's Queeny Tower
7/19 Orientation Day (heart badge reel and meeting Michelle)
7/20 Getting together my first pwpt presentation for data
7/21 Cardinals game with Evan and Penny
7/22 Lunch at Pi Pizzeria, Tom Segura atHelium
7/23 Packed up ALL my stuff in Edwardsville
7/24 Evan agrees that JT is cool, 4Hands w/ Hannah and Ben
7/25 Advancing to two assays
7/26 First near presentation
7/27 Break from assay's today for time course
7/28 Science Exhibit, $1m lily pond, Thursday Market
7/29 Last photo of Maddie on the couch in 2634
7/30 Getting rid of a ton of shoe boxes
7/31 Moving out...last night in Foulard

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