May 31, 2016



5/1 Macbook 60W Power Adapter finally broke
5/2 Recoup time
5/3 Evan got tickets to Anthony Bourdain, mom posts selfie lol
5/4 The venting -_-
5/5 First time making fish tacos - success!
5/6 Microfest 2016
5/7 Blues City Deli with Evan and Kraig...meeting Cali!
5/8 Dinner with Evan
5/9 Edited thesis
5/10 Lazy day
5/11 Fairview Heights with Daniel
5/12 Started filming for Scott Tube Free Toilet Paper Rolls
5/13 Dinner with Evan's dad...Ottawa sausages!
5/14 Hangout with grandma, bowling with friends
5/15 Back to STL
5/16 Making Lechon Asado for Cuban sandwiches
5/17 Putting Kim's frame together
5/18 Maddie's Lyme Disease is back :(
5/19 Lyme disease getting worse
5/20 Celebrating Maddie's 9th birthday with a donut cake!
5/21 Taking Evan's car in...saw people walking their llama
5/22 St. Louis Zoo, Pi Pizzeria, Jeni's Ice Cream
5/23 Filming for Viva Paper Towels
5/24 Received something to food about in the mail
5/25 Last day with angel fish
5/26 Make dad food for the week
5/27 Sarra and Bru visit! ...Bert Kreischer @ The Helium
5/28 Comet Coffee, Chocolate Factory, Amsterdam Tavern, 360
5/29 Square One, City Museum, Gateway Arch
5/30 Family grill out and bonfire
5/31 Finished Cooked on Netflix & Baxter's w/ Matt

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory

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