April 30, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (April 2016)

4/1 McGurk's with Lisa and Corrinne
4/2 Took Daniel to Southern & The Fountain for his birthday
4/3 End to a ROUGH weekend...
4/4 Turned in all graduation stuff
4/5 Found out that Rebecca won all of SERC...cute!
4/6 State Street Market & Luci Anna's Bakery for Adriana's Bday
4/7 Made Ari's brussel sprouts with garlic aioli
4/8 Finished The People vs. OJ Simpson
4/9 GF does BF Makeup & Olive Market, Wei Hong Bakery, Dao Tien Bistro
4/10 BF tries Asian snacks :)
4/11 The most unproductive day ever -_-
4/12 Testing out Pura D'or products
4/13 Beautiful day for hockey playoffs - Game 1 (Hawks v. Blues)
4/14 Downloaded Snapchat again... @nowandjenn
4/15 Game 2 with frans
4/16 Blues City Deli with frans
4/17 Uploaded Spring Morning Routine & made homemade beef noodle soup :)
4/18 Forever writing...
4/19 Posted my first Musical.ly!
4/20 More writing.  Started @STLFoodBabe on Instagram.
4/21 Prince died.  Hawks win game 5 against Blues (2-3)
4/22 Anniversary celebrations: Riley's Flowers, Small Batch, & Bill Burr
4/23 Finally got to try Ted Drewes...the Lemon Crumb is soOo good!
4/24 Golf day
4/25 Hung out with Maddie all day :)
4/26 Lazy day
4/27 Rearranged anni flowers. Worked on thesis.
4/28 Tried a new kale salad recipe
4/29 Hung out with Maddie all day :)
4/30 Obama's last WHCD

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April 17, 2016

[GRWM] Spring Morning Routine


* similar product

I've gotten pretty good at transitioning from winter to spring, and the new season always calls for a change in my skincare and makeup routine...and polka dots galore!

The dry winter weather isn't sucking the life out of my skin anymore, so I don't have to use intensively hydrating products during the day.  I'm a huge Olay fan and their all day moisturizer is perfectly balanced for my combination skin.

To add brightness and color back into my skin, I use more pinks in my makeup and wear more white in my outfits.  I also enjoy wearing fun prints in the spring, because all I wear in winter is black.  I think polka dots and floral prints are quintessential spring patterns.

Enjoy the video, product links are below, and leave me a comment about your spring habits!  Talk to you guys later!

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