January 31, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (January 2016)

It's 2016...and I've decided to continue DAILY BLURBS for another year!  These short highlights have given me a way to appreciate life more deeply and reflect more honestly.  It's a daily reminder that life truly is a gift, and I couldn't be more excited for this third year of blurbing.  I hope yu guys continue to be a part of my journey, because I have a feeling it's going to be a wild year!

kate spade wall art

1/1 Happy New Year!  Lunch w/ family & back to school
1/2 Can't seem to get motivated today :(
1/3 <new video> DIY Kate Spade Salon Wall Art (Collage)
1/4 Errands all day...
1/5 Filming day.  Headed to bed early to get sleep back on track.
1/6 'Lego House' has a whole new meaning to me now
1/7 'Photographs'
1/8 St. Louis Bubble Tea & Fitz's w/ Daniel
1/9 Completed Sears campaign
1/10 <new post> Slimfast 'It's Your Thing' Unboxing and Review
1/11 Made spicy chicken soup w/ kale, carrots, tomato
1/12 Cleaned room...
1/13 More cleaning and packed for Ohio
1/14 Delayed flight...but the steward did hook me up with a bloody mary
1/15 City BBQ
1/16 Longaberger basket and Red Oak
1/17 Hang Over Easy, Giant Bean Boot, & Mitchell's Ocean Prime
1/18 Bye Ohio & visited Taubman Outlet
1/19 <new video> Cardio Trampoline Workout
1/20 More bedroom organization
1/21 Edited wardrobe
1/22 Lazy day...
1/23 Bought a Clarisonic
1/24 <new video> Soft & Pretty - Valentine's Day Makeup (ft. COVERGIRL)
1/25 Completed bedroom organization!
1/26 Updated blog banner
1/27 Starbucks w/ Rebeca and Evan's back!
1/28 Reunited w/ Maddie, Los Potrillo's w/ Mr. O'Shea
1/29 Flinger's and Matt's
1/30 Biaggi's w/ Mrs. Fisher
1/31 STL Auto Show w/ Evan & roomies

did you say squirrel?

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