December 31, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (December 2016)

Pho Tai @ Mai Lee

12/1 Going to the doctor's
12/2 Mai Lee for cha gio and pho in STL
12/3 Testing out elf Cosmetics Lip Exfoliators, Muddled Pig and Side Project for date night
12/4 Reorganizing my closet for the millionth time, Maddie learns how to beg for snuggles
12/5 Paul's PD presentation
12/6 First time doing a binding assay and autoradiography at the same time
12/7 Made a gingerbread house at work -- George and Martha :)
12/8 Busting out the bean boots
12/9 Found Peanut Butter Kit Kat @ Jay's International
12/10 Tried King and I Thai Restaurant & Strange Donuts for the first time
12/11 Gingerbread Chocolate Milk Stout
12/12 Made udon noodle soup
12/13 Testing out a new salmon broiling technique
12/14 Garden Glow and Anthonino's Taverna w/ Mike and Cindy
12/15 Momofuku bday cake attempt #1
12/16 More brain dissections...
12/17 Hawks game for Evan's bday...they won!
12/18 First snow and El Maguey's for lunch
12/19 Talked about Dirty Thirty bday plans
12/20 Best lab presentation yet!
12/21 Baking cookies for Christmas: Hazelnut Shortbread, Reindeer Poop, Egg Nog Gooey Butter
12/22 Pastaria w/ coworkers, Maddie enjoys the last bit of Skippy pb
12/23 Home for Christmas
12/24 Lunch at Penny's
12/25 Lunch at Mike's...Christmas w/ family
12/26 Back to STL
12/27 Christmas pigs from Jeff
12/28 Christmas in Saint Louis
12/29 Forgot to put a trash bag in the trash can...oops
12/30 Home for New Years
12/31 Happy New Year! Wizards @ Matt's, fireworks @ Ezra's

Last photo of 2016, cheers!

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November 30, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (November 2016)

Beef Noodle Soup @ Tai Ke

11/1 Cubs win Game 6. Matt and Paul on TV for WSOP.
11/3 Last lunch at Queeny Tower :(
11/4 Late night at work.
11/5 Daniel visits. Tai Ke, Taiwanese restaurant, for lunch.
11/6 Make up, don't breakup...
11/7 Feeling like a zombie today. Autoradiography trial seemed to work!
11/8 Election Day!
11/9 Trump wins? Uhhhhh...
11/10 Pizza recipe update
11/11 Jessimae Peloso @ Helium
11/12 Small Batch and Anthony Bourdain
11/13 Week long headache is still lingering :(
11/14 Working on so many papers
11/15 Submitted everything
11/16 Lauren wins Sofi contest!
11/17 Mastering autoradiography. Homemade chili mac for dinner.
11/18 Friendsgiving Potluck
11/19 Taubman Prestige Outlets
11/20 Lazy Sunday...
11/21 Dipping slides for NEA
11/22 IHC Day 1 by myself...eek!
11/23 IHC Day 2 by myself
11/24 Evan's first Thanksgiving w/ the fam
11/25 Cutting grandma's hair, out w/ friends and winning Gotcha!
11/26 Shooter's w/ friends
11/27 Enjoying our Christmas decorations
11/28 Pinpointed what kind of Christmas tree I want
11/29 Huge fight about getting picked up from work (insert eye roll)
11/30 Garden Glow w/ the coworkers!

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November 8, 2016

[REVIEW] Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Liquid & Stick Foundations

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.
All opinions are honest and my own.

QUICK TAKE: I like the thoughtful packaging and presentation of the products.

USAGE TIPS: A damp sponge, like the Beauty Blender, is perfect for blending out both types of foundation. 

THE VERDICT: I appreciate Make Up For Ever for their innovative products and their Ultra HD foundations are truly in a league of their own. I can usually find an alternatives that are comparable in quality and cheaper in price, but these foundations are totally worth the $43 price tag.  The liquid foundation feels so comfortable on my skin and has great medium coverage. I like using the stick foundation as a concealer, because it's a thicker formulation and provides fuller coverage. Thank you Influenster and Make Up For Ever for the introduction. I really enjoyed using these foundations!



October 31, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (October 2016)

10/1 Blues City Deli Street Fest & Rizz-tober Fest
10/2 Trying the on Fleek beer, Sunday football and nachos :)
10/3 Craving pho like crazy...Truc Lam
10/4 Playing around with new iPhone touch haha
10/5 Found out our indoor tree is called a Bonsai Braided Money Tree
10/6 Preparing for Evan's mom to visit
10/7 City Park Grill and skillet cookies
10/8 Farmer's market and Frazer's w/ Evan's mom
10/9 Morning walk, Pastaria, Craft Beer Store, Sunday football
10/10 Cell culture learnings
10/11 Cubs win NLDS against Giants!
10/12 Found the most perfect polka dot umbella to put in my wishlist!
10/13 UIUC for meeting, Firefly Grill
10/14 Chandana's Smore Pumpkin Cake
10/15 Lona's Lil Eats for tea and rice wraps
10/16 Had the neighbors over for dinner and pumpkin carving
10/17 Feeling off on a Monday...hungover?
10/18 First journal club presentation
10/19 Fall storm...panicking dog...can't sleep
10/20 Olive Supermarket, Dao Tien, Monday Night Football Bears/Packers
10/21 B/N for the weekend
10/22 Bob's birthday, Cubs win NLCS
10/23 Destihl and Grove Street Bakery cookies
10/24 Rebecca is back!
10/25 Big fight...ugh and experiment didn't work again
10/26 Got pooped on by a bird... but Cubs win!
10/27 Kitty is on the loose!
10/28 City Park Grill for dinner and game
10/29 Errands all day, costume making, and Monster Bash STL (Steve and Blue)
10/30 Cubs win Game 5 - the elimination game! YESSSSS
10/31 Starting to learn autoradiography

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October 10, 2016

September 30, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (September 2016)

9/1 First time on bus
9/2 Home alone
9/3 Riding the Amtrak from STL to BNL
9/4 Fish fry and Italian night in Ottawa
9/5 Hot labor day with no a/c
9/6 Have one more CPCU book to sell...yay!
9/7 Tried Shell Cafe's Bahn Mi Pork Sandwich
9/8 Mom finally got her facial
9/9 Gifts from Sarra!
9/10 Three Monkeys for dinner
9/11 Birthday brunch @ Pastaria
9/12 Last day with Evan and Maddie
9/13 Errands at the Galleria
9/14 Last minute packing for HAWAII
9/15 Hello Hawaii! --> Waikiki Beach, ABC store, Rumfire
9/16 Infinity Pool, Waikiki Beach, Steak Shack, Polynesian Cultural Center
9/17 Pearl Harbor, Ramen, Duke's, Street Festival, Pop up Pizza
9/18 Giovanni's Pastrami Brunch w Jennifer's, Snorkel Bob's, Hanauma Bay, Kona Brewery (Lemongrass Luau)
9/19 Surf lessons , Manoa Falls, Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, North Shore Laniakea Beach, Halewia Joe's, Mai Tai Bar
9/20 Sharks Cove, Taco Truck, Waimea Bay Beach Park, Matsumoto Shaved Ice, Cheeseburger Beachwalk
9/21 Maui bound - Lahaina Front St - Maui Sugar Shop, got new earrings, Kimos & their Hula Pie, Honua Kai Resort & Spa, groceries
9/22 Trilogy boat tour of Molokini
9/23 Kaanapali Beach, Aloha Mixed Plate, Pool, Maui Brewing Company, Whalers
9/24 Last day in Hawaii --> Haleakala volcano, Mama's Fish House, Maui Tropical Plantation
9/25 Finally back home
9/26 Back to work
9/27 Having a difficult time sleeping
9/28 Made tikka masala and gumbo
9/29 Rebecca's last day
9/30 Employee Appreciation Day

Haleakala volcano

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August 31, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (August 2016)

saying goodbye to our old view

8/1 McGurks for dinner...goodbye Soulard, hello Tower Grove!
8/2 Hannah's coconut cake, first homemade dinner at new place :)
8/3 Forever unpacking...put guest bed together
8/4 Got cable/internet set up & received parachute shower curtain
8/5 Ryan on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!
8/6 Filmed Lay's Global Chips Taste Test Video, date night: Taylor Williamson @ Helium
8/7 Finally feeling settled into new place
8/8 Thesis defense, last time at old apt.
8/9 Rebecca got me a cake to celebrate :)
8/10 Wrapping up [REVIEW] Always Radiant
8/11 Making progress on the Neurology paper
8/12 Tried Guerrilla Street Food Truck - Filipino bibimbap?
8/13 Picked out clothes for HAWAII
8/14 Rediscovered the Mexican jumping beans, back to St. Louis
8/15 Mom liked her new makeup organizer, returned ALL the Target rugs
8/16 Made delicious Slow Cooker Hawaiian Pork Tacos!
8/17 Colorful outfits in lab today, PET assay/Autorad/Transfection
8/18 Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berry Treat?!
8/19 Learned how to:  transfection, inoculation, and purification
8/20 Testing out the OXO 9 cup Brain Barista
8/21 Pho Grand for dinner
8/22 Our landlord. That is all.
8/23 Finding the evil bear
8/24 A really bad day, but at least my experiments went smoothly
8/25 Benito visits - first time at Baida for dinner
8/26 Schlafly's for dinner...mussels were just okay
8/27 Took Benito to The Mudhouse, Whisk, and Diana's Bakery
8/28 Powell video :)
8/29 Finally getting around to accepting friend requests
8/30 Wrapping up dental applications
8/31 Feeling down...

WHISK: a sustainable bakery

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August 7, 2016

LAY'S Global Potato Chips Taste Test #PassportToFlavor (SNACK BREAK)

INDIAN TIKKA MASALA (6/10) - These chips are kettle cooked which automatically makes them my favorite. Though I was a bit disappointed, because I felt like it was missing a lot of the elements that make Tikka Masala so tasty. You can definitely taste the curry powder, but there was a lack of tomato, yogurt, ginger, cilantro, and other spices. Tikka, or tikha, also means spicy hot in Hindi, and these chips did not deliver in that regard either. I was left craving a fuller, more complete flavor that included some acidity and bite, but needless to say, it was pretty mediocre for tikka masala.

BRAZILIAN PICANHA (6/10) - I guess this is supposed to taste like steak and chimichurri, but it's nothing like any steak and chimichurri that I've ever had.  The steak flavor is very strong, and I feel like the chimichurri gets lost some how. It lacked zestiness and could have benefited from some of the chimichurri's acidity. I still liked them though.

"AMERICAN" BEER 'n BRATS (3/10) - Okay, so I know these weren't part of the Lay's Global Flavors, but I thought they were worth trying. This was also before I realized that the international chips were Olympics inspired. Unfortunately, we both thought that these were super weird! Upon trying, the taste of beer and brats completely coated my mouth, and it felt like my tastebuds were suffocating. These chips made me feel like I've been daydrinking and eating sausages all afternoon. 'Murica?

CHINESE SZECHUAN CHICKEN (6/10) - Not super flavorful, but it has a spicy kick that my boyfriend and I both enjoyed. Does it taste like Chinese food? very generic chinese food that is.  These were easy to eat though and weren't offensive in the slightest.

GREEK TZATZIKI (5/10) - These were...interesting.  It tasted very similar to the Lay's gyro chips, but are slightly better. I still can't get over the notes of cucumber. You can really taste the cucumber flavor! The chips are like a fancy version of sour cream and onion chips, but definitely not as good.

Which flavors have you guys tried and how would you rank them? Sound off in the comments below!


July 31, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (July 2016)

Modest Mouse

7/1 Home for the long weekend
7/2 Burger Bar, Modest Mouse, Giordano's
7/3 Camping in Ottawa
7/4 Lunch with fam...back to St. Louis
7/5 Remembered I left my necklace in the hotel...grr
7/6 Messed up my first independent experiment
7/7 Ran two homologous assays
7/8 Yay, FRIDAY...2nd full week of work
7/9 Tried the strawberry shortcake sundae at Ted Drewes
7/10 Edwardsville to pack up all my shit
7/11 First time having lunch in Olin walkway
7/12 Defrosted -80 freezer
7/13 Home for lunch - 1st time
7/14 Flights for Hawaii booked, double rainbow in STL!
7/15 Bloomington for the weekend
7/16 Medici Craft Beer & Jazz Street Fair
7/17 Back to STL
7/18 Ate at BJH's Queeny Tower
7/19 Orientation Day (heart badge reel and meeting Michelle)
7/20 Getting together my first pwpt presentation for data
7/21 Cardinals game with Evan and Penny
7/22 Lunch at Pi Pizzeria, Tom Segura atHelium
7/23 Packed up ALL my stuff in Edwardsville
7/24 Evan agrees that JT is cool, 4Hands w/ Hannah and Ben
7/25 Advancing to two assays
7/26 First near presentation
7/27 Break from assay's today for time course
7/28 Science Exhibit, $1m lily pond, Thursday Market
7/29 Last photo of Maddie on the couch in 2634
7/30 Getting rid of a ton of shoe boxes
7/31 Moving out...last night in Foulard

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June 30, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (June 2016)

RIP Grandma Sharon

6/1 Meal prep for dad
6/2 Grandma Sharon's visitation in Ottawa
6/3 Moving forward with PD research?!
6/4 Dinner at Hyvee
6/5 Lunch and games at the Fisher's
6/6 Hanging with Maddie
6/7 Companion bread discovery
6/8 First time seeing Maddie in a t-shirt :)
6/9 Searching for a place...
6/10 We may have finally found a new place!
6/11 RIP Christina Grimme. EPIC & ITap with Evan.
6/12 Suntea & visited 4Hands Brewery for the first time
6/13 Jon proposes to Taylor! Also, Tina from Napoleon Dynamite was black?!
6/14 Pulse Orlando massacre :(
6/15 Signed our new townhouse lease! Yay for living together!
6/16 Ordered BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Face Palette
6/17 Back home for Father's Day
6/18 State Farm Pool, Found Boulevard's Ginger Lemon Radler @ HYVEE
6/19 Back to STL: Evan tries gimbap, Warriors lose
6/20 Lazy day
6/21 Made Smothered Cajun Pork w/ brussel sprouts
6/22 More photoshoots with Maddie
6/23 Last full day with Maddie, Proquest Thesis
6/24 First time at Frazer's
6/25 Back home to get social security card
6/26 Back to St. Louis: first time Evan tries naeng myeon
6/27 First day at WashU
6/28 More training
6/29 Dhruva leaves for SF
6/30 Training with Hannah, passed my radiation safety and PET exams

New badge :)

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June 20, 2016


1. The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation by Melissa Rivers ★★★★☆
I've have always been a fan of Joan and her brash humor. She was the only person/comedienne who could simultaneously build someone up and tear them down, all without anyone getting offended. This book reminded me of her masterful wit and charm, and I greatly miss her presence her on Earth. Thank you Melissa for sharing your personal stories and allowing us to grieve and laugh with you.  RIP Joan Rivers.

2. The Naked Cookbook by Tess Ward ★★★★★
My recipe blog, The Naked Cookbook, was inspired by The Naked Foods Cookbook. That book made me want to cook with nutrition in mind. Unfortunately, my blog has been put on the back burner due to other demands taking priority, but Tess Ward has inspired me to get back in the kitchen.  Her newest release is fittingly titled The Naked Cookbook and is a lovely accompaniment to her previous book, The Naked Diet. This is another minimalistic book with beautiful content. Her recipes are always simple, fresh, and flavorful, and that's why I keep revisiting her ideas. It's a great cookbook for beginners and gives people unique cooking methods that they can build off of. I do think some of the flavor profiles may be a bit adventurous for some, so my advice is to cook with an open mind and open palate. I especially enjoyed her yoga bowl and avocado salmon crepes.  So delicious and nutritious. The Naked Cookbook is wonderful from cover to cover, and I am really living for it right now.

3. something to food about: Exploring Creativity with Innovative Chefs by Questlove & Ben Greenmail ★★★★★
What a stylish book! I was immediately captivated by the cover art and thought it would be a great decorative piece for my coffee table. The book isn't just fluff though. It's filled with intelligent content that brings food to life. Questlove's knowledge, curiosity, and perspective is both interesting and inspiring. I really enjoyed all of the thoughtful interviews and striking photographs. Even the footnotes are worth mentioning. It goes without saying that this book has left me feeling so full, and it's not even a recipe book. It's a book about food culture and the people who create new ways of experiencing food. I think 'something to food about' really nourishes the soul, and I'm pleased to call this book a true work of art.  

4. Food with Friends: The Art of Simple Gatherings by Leela Cyd ★★★☆☆
I love to cook and found a lot of great appetizer/small bite recipes that I wanted to try, but be forewarned, this is not a cookbook for beginners.  Many of the recipes call for uncommon or unfamiliar ingredients, and I'm not sure the average person would be motivated enough to prepare, cook, and assemble many of the appetizers featured.  It would have been nice to have a side note of alternative, more accessible ingredients that could be substituted into the recipes.  Overall, I enjoyed the beautiful recipes and photographs and can't wait to try more of the recipes.

June 8, 2016

My Everyday Makeup On The BF

Hey Yu guys! I'm back from my one-month hiatus. I needed a serious break from my electronic devices, so I haven't been posting anything on social media. Being connected is important for all bloggers, but I think it's nice to fall off the grid once in a while. I did experience transient moments of withdrawal, but all in all, I'm really happy I took some time off for myself.

Today's video was filmed about a month ago, and I just got around to editing it. I want to include more tag and challenge type videos in the future, so let me know what else you guys would like to see! Don't forget to like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube! Thanks for watching!


May 31, 2016



5/1 Macbook 60W Power Adapter finally broke
5/2 Recoup time
5/3 Evan got tickets to Anthony Bourdain, mom posts selfie lol
5/4 The venting -_-
5/5 First time making fish tacos - success!
5/6 Microfest 2016
5/7 Blues City Deli with Evan and Kraig...meeting Cali!
5/8 Dinner with Evan
5/9 Edited thesis
5/10 Lazy day
5/11 Fairview Heights with Daniel
5/12 Started filming for Scott Tube Free Toilet Paper Rolls
5/13 Dinner with Evan's dad...Ottawa sausages!
5/14 Hangout with grandma, bowling with friends
5/15 Back to STL
5/16 Making Lechon Asado for Cuban sandwiches
5/17 Putting Kim's frame together
5/18 Maddie's Lyme Disease is back :(
5/19 Lyme disease getting worse
5/20 Celebrating Maddie's 9th birthday with a donut cake!
5/21 Taking Evan's car in...saw people walking their llama
5/22 St. Louis Zoo, Pi Pizzeria, Jeni's Ice Cream
5/23 Filming for Viva Paper Towels
5/24 Received something to food about in the mail
5/25 Last day with angel fish
5/26 Make dad food for the week
5/27 Sarra and Bru visit! ...Bert Kreischer @ The Helium
5/28 Comet Coffee, Chocolate Factory, Amsterdam Tavern, 360
5/29 Square One, City Museum, Gateway Arch
5/30 Family grill out and bonfire
5/31 Finished Cooked on Netflix & Baxter's w/ Matt

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory

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April 30, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (April 2016)

4/1 McGurk's with Lisa and Corrinne
4/2 Took Daniel to Southern & The Fountain for his birthday
4/3 End to a ROUGH weekend...
4/4 Turned in all graduation stuff
4/5 Found out that Rebecca won all of SERC...cute!
4/6 State Street Market & Luci Anna's Bakery for Adriana's Bday
4/7 Made Ari's brussel sprouts with garlic aioli
4/8 Finished The People vs. OJ Simpson
4/9 GF does BF Makeup & Olive Market, Wei Hong Bakery, Dao Tien Bistro
4/10 BF tries Asian snacks :)
4/11 The most unproductive day ever -_-
4/12 Testing out Pura D'or products
4/13 Beautiful day for hockey playoffs - Game 1 (Hawks v. Blues)
4/14 Downloaded Snapchat again... @nowandjenn
4/15 Game 2 with frans
4/16 Blues City Deli with frans
4/17 Uploaded Spring Morning Routine & made homemade beef noodle soup :)
4/18 Forever writing...
4/19 Posted my first!
4/20 More writing.  Started @STLFoodBabe on Instagram.
4/21 Prince died.  Hawks win game 5 against Blues (2-3)
4/22 Anniversary celebrations: Riley's Flowers, Small Batch, & Bill Burr
4/23 Finally got to try Ted Drewes...the Lemon Crumb is soOo good!
4/24 Golf day
4/25 Hung out with Maddie all day :)
4/26 Lazy day
4/27 Rearranged anni flowers. Worked on thesis.
4/28 Tried a new kale salad recipe
4/29 Hung out with Maddie all day :)
4/30 Obama's last WHCD

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April 17, 2016

[GRWM] Spring Morning Routine


* similar product

I've gotten pretty good at transitioning from winter to spring, and the new season always calls for a change in my skincare and makeup routine...and polka dots galore!

The dry winter weather isn't sucking the life out of my skin anymore, so I don't have to use intensively hydrating products during the day.  I'm a huge Olay fan and their all day moisturizer is perfectly balanced for my combination skin.

To add brightness and color back into my skin, I use more pinks in my makeup and wear more white in my outfits.  I also enjoy wearing fun prints in the spring, because all I wear in winter is black.  I think polka dots and floral prints are quintessential spring patterns.

Enjoy the video, product links are below, and leave me a comment about your spring habits!  Talk to you guys later!

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March 31, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (March 2016)

3/1 Lazy day
3/2 Fell in love with Julia Ziegler-Haynes
3/3 Returns at Fairview Heights
3/4 Visiting Maddie early again
3/5 Made skirt steak with chimichurri sauce
3/6 Ghetto Sauce kabobs & ate at Sauce On The Side for the first time since Evan's accident
3/7 Stripping membranes for the first time
3/8 Made meatloaf with homemade ketchup
3/9 Jessica has a new man?!
3/10 Quantity One doesn't work -_-
3/11 No western blots results...beta-tubulin looks weird.
3/12 YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer Review
3/13 Southern!
3/14 Started new WB
3/15 Illinois primary
3/16 Evan and Maddie come over :)
3/17 St. Paddy's w/ the Fisher's
3/18 Made corned beef for Reuben's
3/19 Lab day - organize
3/20 Lab day - first day of Spring!
3/21 Lazy day ughhhhh
3/22 Awesome CD31 results!
3/23 Wang Gang with Benito and Evan
3/24 Collected DPSC# protein...finally!
3/25 Driving home for Easter
3/26 Met Isla baby & dinner with Evan's dad
3/27 Easter brunch at the Fisher's
3/28 Full day of work
3/29 Lazy day -_-
3/30 Finally got to try Adriana's cake...yum!
3/31 Super stressed but got a lot done today

JAN'16 | FEB'16

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March 13, 2016

[REVIEW] YSL Touche Éclat Neutralizer (Apricot Bisque)

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.
Another beautifully packaged YSL product.  LOVE!

The neutralizers do a lot of the work for you, so you can use less concealer and foundation.

I got to try the YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer in Apricot Bisque and was totally blown away.  This product exceeded my expectations in every way.  1) I'm not a huge fan of click-pen makeup products, but I felt that I was able to control how much product was dispensed with ease.  2) It also did a good job at concealing my grayish under eye good in fact, I found myself not having to use as much of my other face products.  3) This product sat really well on my face.  I tend to have drier under eye skin and a lot of products cake and flake in that area.  Not this product though!  I don't know what's in this formulation, but it looked fantastic all even felt a bit hydrating.  I'm really impressed with the effectiveness and performance of this product.  So all in all, is it worth the $38 price tag?  Absolutely.  


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February 29, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (February 2016)

2/1 Maddie is limping :(
2/2 Maddie goes to the vet - she has lyme disease :(((
2/3 Whisk Bakery (cornflake cookies) and Diana's Bakery (churros, tres leches cake...etc.)
2/4 La Casa, Global Brew, and Stagger Inn with the girls
2/5 Wonton King and more Making A Murderer...
2/6 Mardi Gras Parade!
2/7 Superbowl 50 - cauliflower buffalo bites & steak nachos
2/8 Making plans to finish up lab stuff...
2/9 <new video> Mardi Gras 2016
2/10 Meeting w/ Joy
2/11 Jim Jefferies
2/12 Flowers never got delivered :O
2/13 House hunting in Florissant 
2/14 Simple vday with dino nuggets and pizza :)
2/15 Evan's first day at the bank & buying my Le Creuset dutch oven
2/16 Maddie back to the vet's & making her bone broth
2/17 Date night BWW
2/18 Tried the pull-through braid
2/19 Girls day with Maddie
2/20 Bud tour & PW Pizza
2/21 Picked up my Le Creuset!
2/22 Started westerns
2/23 Added primary Abs
2/24 Snow day!
2/25 All day in WB results!!
2/26 Emotional breakdown :/
2/27 Mai Lee - found Cha Gio!
2/28 Oscars night...Leo wins :)
2/29 Started filling out Wreck This Journal


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February 17, 2016

PLAY > Zara Larsson - Lush Life

How has it taken me this long to stumble across this gem?
#obsessed #solush

Click here to PLAY WITH POP!
1 Zara & 4 versions of Lush Life (preview below)

Shop the CLINIQUE POP looks!

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January 31, 2016

DAILY BLURBS (January 2016)

It's 2016...and I've decided to continue DAILY BLURBS for another year!  These short highlights have given me a way to appreciate life more deeply and reflect more honestly.  It's a daily reminder that life truly is a gift, and I couldn't be more excited for this third year of blurbing.  I hope yu guys continue to be a part of my journey, because I have a feeling it's going to be a wild year!

kate spade wall art

1/1 Happy New Year!  Lunch w/ family & back to school
1/2 Can't seem to get motivated today :(
1/3 <new video> DIY Kate Spade Salon Wall Art (Collage)
1/4 Errands all day...
1/5 Filming day.  Headed to bed early to get sleep back on track.
1/6 'Lego House' has a whole new meaning to me now
1/7 'Photographs'
1/8 St. Louis Bubble Tea & Fitz's w/ Daniel
1/9 Completed Sears campaign
1/10 <new post> Slimfast 'It's Your Thing' Unboxing and Review
1/11 Made spicy chicken soup w/ kale, carrots, tomato
1/12 Cleaned room...
1/13 More cleaning and packed for Ohio
1/14 Delayed flight...but the steward did hook me up with a bloody mary
1/15 City BBQ
1/16 Longaberger basket and Red Oak
1/17 Hang Over Easy, Giant Bean Boot, & Mitchell's Ocean Prime
1/18 Bye Ohio & visited Taubman Outlet
1/19 <new video> Cardio Trampoline Workout
1/20 More bedroom organization
1/21 Edited wardrobe
1/22 Lazy day...
1/23 Bought a Clarisonic
1/24 <new video> Soft & Pretty - Valentine's Day Makeup (ft. COVERGIRL)
1/25 Completed bedroom organization!
1/26 Updated blog banner
1/27 Starbucks w/ Rebeca and Evan's back!
1/28 Reunited w/ Maddie, Los Potrillo's w/ Mr. O'Shea
1/29 Flinger's and Matt's
1/30 Biaggi's w/ Mrs. Fisher
1/31 STL Auto Show w/ Evan & roomies

did you say squirrel?

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