September 30, 2015

DAILY BLURBS (September 2015)

Modest Mouse

9/1 First time drafting for fantasy football - Victorious Secret!
9/2 Mission Taco (Delmar Loop) and Modest Mouse @ The Pageant
9/3 Tried Mel's Blue & Tangy from Blues City Deli
9/4 Home for Labor Day wkd
9/5 Chill night at Bob and Alex's
9/6 Bob and Alex's housewarming
9/7 Evan meets the parents
9/8 Lazy day
9/9 Cookies from Zach!
9/10 GoPro surprises & BWW for first football game of the season
9/11 The Hermitage, Holland House, The Pharmacy, Jeni's Ice Cream
birthday ice cream :)
9/12 Cummins Station, Sprocket Rocket, Acme, Whiskey Kitchen
9/13 Recovery day in St. Louis
9/14 Won my first fantasy football matchup (1-0)
9/15 First practical of the semester
9/16 Called Baylor...
9/17 Errands all day (Walmart has a 90-day return policy? Ugh)
9/18 Bridesmaid gown arrived today!
9/19 Posted BIRTHDAY VLOG!!!
9/20 Posted video of our Sprocket Party Bike Tour
9/21 PiYo with Erin
9/22 Lazy day
9/23 Fall updated bedroom
9/24 Finished cleaning room
9/25 Home for the weekend
9/26 Uptown Normal with the guys
9/27 Lunch at Medici & back to school
9/28 Submitted dental school stuff, ordered Christmas cards
9/29 Taylor Swift FOMO
9/30 Recorded video for September favorites

home to see the boy & the pup

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