May 31, 2015


5/1 Lazy day...
5/2 Tested out Oceane's Makeup Remover Pen
5/3 Green Tea Waffle @ Hiro Asian Kitchen
5/4 Failed study day...
5/5 Finished grading and grade updating!
5/6 RIP Taylor Clark
5/7 Nirvana documentary - so good
5/8 Working hard or hardly working? Ugh, rough day.
5/9 Picked out outfits for Taiwan
5/10 Happy Mother's Day! 10 Things My Mom Taught Me About Beauty
5/11 McGurk's wings - added to review
5/12 Could not stop eating today...ugh
5/13 Neil deGrasse Tyson & Sauce On The Side
5/14 Evan at the ER
5/15 Back to Bloomington
5/16 Travel day - off to Taiwan!
5/17 Travel day - off to Taiwan!
5/18 Figuring out the MRT (beef noodle soup) and walked around Wanhua's market (agar jelly, McD's Sesame McFlurry, first 50 Boba Milk Tea, giant buddhist temple)
5/19 First morning seeing the mountains...bibimbap at TMS National Palace Museum, Ay-Chung's intestine noodles, Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, SFT Juice and Ice - Mango and Green Tea Snow
5/20 Rest day...walked around Sinjuang & ate purple corn and fish cake barbecue
5/21 Went to market with grandma...showed us cool river, bought custard pies and cream soda pops
5/22 Went to Danshuei to see gulf, bought Durga figurine, relaxed at Yuan tea house, and went to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Jhongjheng
5/23 Went to Jioufen tourist site to see the coolest market, tried their Taro ice cream wrap and green tea mochis, visited the huge tea house, and went to Songshan to look at tea stuff
5/24 Met Ashley! Visited cultural art center, back to Shinlin for snow and hot star chicken, and hookah night at 1001 Nights
5/25 Aunties and cousins day...ate at the famous Din Tai Feng and visited Taipei 101
5/26 Went to Jinshan district to visit the deceased and ate Korean barbecue afterwards
5/27 Rest day...having really bad digestive pains :(
5/28 Rest day...
5/29 Went to emergency room today for ulcers...ate really good dragonfruit
5/30 Finished the best pineapple I've ever had and grandma mended my leggings
5/31 Goodbye Taiwan...I ate myself to death, but it's alright.  I'll be back!

Getting dropped off at the Taiwan Taiyuan International Airport
I wanna fly on the hello kitty plane...


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