August 31, 2015

DAILY BLURBS (August 2015)

8/1 Tried Sump Coffee - Dirty Chai (espresso, spices, milk)
8/2 Tried the Hiro Slinger
8/3 Feeling exhausted and lab
8/4 Worked on AADSAS stuff
8/5 Finally did my eyebrows
8/6 Finally got Kat's photos on Drive
8/7 Katie's new place and Brownie
8/8 Met Chester the Cheetah at ShopnSave!
8/9 Made peanut butter banana nice cream & missed BORNS play at the Pageant :(
8/10 Cleaned apartment
8/11 Started studying...
8/12 Made homemade stroganoff
8/13 Last photo taken of Mufasa
8/14 Summer yellow flowers & Mufasa to the emergency room
8/15 Goodbye...RIP Mufasa 8.14.15
8/16 Lazy day
8/17 Dan and Kyle back from summer break & Evan starts our map
8/18 Offered a TA spot
8/19 Worked on Influenster tasks...
8/20 Made summer squash soup w/ brown buttered tomatoes
8/21 Tried Joe's Italian Beef Roll and chocolate strawberries surprise
8/22 Hung out with Maddie and night out
8/23 Back to school
8/24 First day of school and my sculpture class...eek!
8/25 Flight booked for Dallas in November!
8/26 Tried Chez Marilyn and their Reuben for the first time
8/27 Catch up day
8/28 Introduced to Raku today...
8/29 Updated the blog's design
8/30 Another catch up day
8/31 Dropped 402 Reseach in Sculpture -_-

...updated blog with tabs that separate my posts by season :)

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