July 31, 2015

DAILY BLURBS (July 2015)

7/1 Vacay recovery day
7/2 Ran errands all day
7/3 Mango salad w/ homemade vinaigrette + Thai Curry Chicken
7/4 4th of July family cookout, Bob's, and Jordan's
7/5 Fischer home, chocolate & toffee covered strawberries, Jurassic blizzard
7/6 To-Do List day...
7/7 Always reviews, posted videos for Kat's Bachelorette Party and IN-N-OUT vs Whataburger
7/8 Kleenex review, organized photos for Paris slideshow
7/9 Another day of lab and running errands
7/10 Salsiccia and peppers for dinner
7/11 Soulard Farmer's Market, date night: Taste & Inside Out
7/12 Brunch @ Pastaria, made at-home Chipotle
7/13 Errands all day
7/14 Errands all day
7/15 Made chicken scampi for dinner
7/16 Made American burgers, made Maddie an IG account, new set-up in lab
7/17 Tried making fruit art for the first time
7/18 World Naked Bike Ride + golf-cart barhopping in Soulard
7/19 Brunch: first time at Park Avenue Coffee & Rooster
7/20 Started completing tasks for Influenster
7/21 Made banana nice cream w/ cinnamon
7/22 Long lab day, and back to zoodling
7/23 New Influenster YSL Voxbox!
7/24 Dropped Maddie off
7/25 Iowa City bound to see Kim and Kaya! Visited Graze, Heyn's, and Atlas
7/26 Pool day at State Farm Park
7/27 Back to Edwardsville...
7/28 Picked up grill for Daniel
7/29 Made Lemongrass Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew
7/30 Learned how to gold and grilled Yuengling brats...delicious!
7/31 Tried EPIC and ITap in St. Louis

1/2 supreme & 1/2 chicken parmesan pizza

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