June 30, 2015

DAILY BLURBS (June 2015)

Nathan and Kris Versteeg...doppelgangers!
6/1 Back to school...
6/2 First time making vanilla pudding from scratch
6/3 Tried Kyle's fried rabbit
6/4 Decided that Nathan looks like Versteeg
6/5 Woke up to breakfast - green tea and brown sugar oatmeal & made salmon w/ risotto
6/6 Wedding and Maggie's for Matt, Paul, and Ruben's birthday
6/7 Brunch at Medici w/ friends
6/8 Back at school...did nothing today 
6/9 First time dog sitting Maddie and making homemade Reubens!
6/10 At my last cranberry & pineapple snack cake from Taiwan :(
6/11 First time eating at The Kitchen Sink and Jeni's in St. Louis
6/12 First time visiting the Missouri Botanical Gardens and Lake of the Ozarks
6/13 Boating at Casey's (with Cassie, Mike, Mallory, Carson)
6/14 Chill day...
6/15 Blackhawks WIN!  #dynasty
6/16 Made cabbage rolls, wrote a letter to my future self, and Warriors WIN!
6/17 Organizing things for Texas
6/18 Get Hard was hilarious
6/19 Finally having ice cream!
6/20 Bachelorette gifts complete :)
6/21 Shopping day...
6/22 Getting things together for Dallas
6/23 Drinks @ Henry's Majestic, visit Aunt Helen, tried IN-N-OUT, bday drinks @ The Old Monk
6/24 Wedding food tasting, Kat's bday dinner @ Victor Tangos, night out @ Dram and Candleroom
6/25 Shiawase sushi w/ Dee, wedding dress, macaron ice cream sandwich
6/26 Trip to Austin: Lakeside pool day, pontoon ride, Cornidez dinner
6/27 Bridal party dinner @ The Yacht Club, after party in condo
6/28 Pho Bang Restaurant's eggrolls and pho, BET Awards and chicken
6/29 Breadwinners brunch, flight back to St. Louis, Evan's surprises
6/30 Back to lab


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