April 5, 2015

What To Pack & What NOT To Pack (Beach Vacation)

Hey Yu guys!  I haven't posted a video in FOREVER!  I filmed this before I left for Spring Break and finally got around to editing it.  I think my tips will come in handy for all you travelers out there.  I use to take a lot of unnecessary things and realized that everything that I would ever need can and will fit in a carry-on suitcase.  After I figured that out, traveling has been so much nicer...I've even traveled with just a backpack!  Listed below is my travel checklist and I hope these tips will help you pack for your next trip!

What To Wear/Pack For The Plane
  • jeans
  • tank
  • sweatshirt or light jacket
  • hat
  • sneakers
  • eyemask
  • book/magazine/journals/schoolwork
  • headphones
  • backpack - pack a smaller purse in backpack
  • id/wallet
  • plane tickets
  • phone

What To Pack (in a carry-on)
  • clothes - nothing gets packed if it doesn't layer well and/or it doesn't goes with the other pieces  [what I brought: shorts (2), skirt (1), romper (1), dresses (2), tops (3), beach cover-up (1)]
  • a set of workout clothes - tank and shorts
  • accessories - jewelry, scarves, watches
  • skincare, haircare, makeup (remember to limit your liquids)
  • couple of tampons/pantiliners/pads
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • pills and vitamins
  • bandaids
  • health history (list of medications & conditions)
  • retainer
  • curling iron
  • strapless bra (if needed)
  • comfy underwear
  • couple pairs of socks
  • bikinis
  • sunglasses
  • camera + sd card (if your phone camera sucks)
  • chargers - phone, camera

What NOT To Pack
  • extra jeans/pants
  • heels (if needed, limit yourself to one pair)
  • bath towel
  • beach towel
  • extra toiletries
  • money belt
  • valuables
  • expensive clothes, jewelry...etc.
  • more than one guidebook
  • hair dryer
  • sunscreen and bug spray (buy it there)
  • beach toys
  • laptop
  • ipad or any other tablet
  • textbooks

I do a lot of online shopping and everything I mentioned can usually be ordered online! 
Sonia Kashuk Beauty http://amzn.to/1CDc9e7
Essie Nail Polishes http://amzn.to/1azgyrV
...and much more on Amazon!

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