January 31, 2015

DAILY BLURBS (January 2015)

Last year, I made a resolution to start writing down a detail from each day.  I enjoyed doing this and having something to look back on, so I'm going to continue it for 2015.  Speaking of, I can't believe it's 2015!  The past year has seriously FLOWN by.  Thank yu guys for being a part of my life!

1/1 Messed around with Snapchat 
1/2 Haircut & hangout with granny
1/3 Reorganized entire closet at home
1/4 Packed clothes for spring break
1/5 Terrible driving weather...back to school...
1/6 Spent the day in St. Louis 
1/7 Prepared SDM lab for research
1/8 Back in 240A! Dewey's & Global Brew for dinner :)
1/9 Lab safety training -_-
1/10 Pho Grand was delicious!
1/11 Learned how to make awesome nachos
1/12 Worked out for the first time this year...
1/13 First day back at A&P
1/14 Evan & his new, HUGE transit
1/15 Sent out all of my transcript requests
1/16 Planning spring break
1/17 Organized the bedroom
1/18 Jim Jefferies @ The Pageant
1/19 MLK day...no school!
1/20 Made healthy beef stroganoff
1/21 Good workout day!
1/22 Bulls game @ BWW
1/23 Retired old iPhone...hello iPhone 6!
1/24 Kat's wedding dress reveal!!
1/25 Video day: January Favorites 2015
1/26 Kathryn surprised me with a Veggetti!
1/27 Received my new Sonix iPhone case :)
1/28 Feeling icky... #periodblues
1/29 Found Bachelorette wine glass!
1/30 Planning Super Bowl stuff w/ Katie!
1/31 Last minute grocery shopping for the Super Bowl

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