November 16, 2014

What Jenn Wore: Fave Fall Trends (+ Meet Mufasa)

There's nothing like the Midwest and its unpredictable weather, and this week was a prime example of that.  I'm always thrown for a loop when it goes from 65 degrees, warm, and sunny to 16 degrees, freezing, and SNOWING?!  Like what the heck Mother Nature?  It literally cramps my style, especially since I pick out my week's outfits on Sunday night.  I suppose I've adapted to the false forecasts and the wily Illinois much so that I never leave home without extra layering pieces.

Anyways, shall we talk about What Jenn Wore and why I'm so excited about it?!  It's a new bit that I'm testing out, so yu guys will have to let me know what you think.  I really love the idea!

I'm quite busy with school and don't have the time to find cool backdrops, but this is me, at my home, leaving for class or research for the day.  What Jenn Wore videos will offer you a glimpse into another part of my life and will showcase my styling abilities (or inabilites...haha).

Like yu, I'm inspired by fashion bloggers, runway shows, and new trends.  Thank you Internet!  I would define my personal style as mature, tasteful, and classic...with a twist, because as much as I love my timeless wardrobe, I really enjoy adding quirk with vintage finds or modernizing my collection with on-trend pieces.

I hope you guys enjoy this first What Jenn Wore video and please like, subscribe, follow...all that good stuff.  Love yu all!  Thanks for the continued support :)

[1] Monday // Orange
FOREVER21 Orange Chiffon Dress
Vintage Egyptian Hieroglyphics Sweatshirt
EXPRESS Cowboy boots

[2] Tuesday // Wrap Coat
GAP Long Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt
FOREVER21 Classic Knit Cami
FOREVER21 Skinny Jeans
GIANNI BINI Riding Boots

[3] Wednesday // Gray
FOREVER 21 High Rise Skinny Pant
VICTORIA'S SECRET Plush & Lush Coat in Cream

[4] Thursday // Mixing Prints
FOREVER 21 Buffalo Check Scarf
FOREVER 21 Striped Shirt
FOREVER 21 Statement Necklace in Celadon
OLD NAVY Army Green Jacket

[5] Friday // Black & White
BB DAKOTA Leather Jacket
EXPRESS Long Sleeve Modal Shirt
FOREVER 21 Striped Infinity Scarf
JESSICA SIMPSON Kiss Me Ponte Jeggings
TIBI Piper Boots (I own the 2013 version)

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