March 31, 2014

DAILY BLURBS (March 2014)

3/1 Mardi Gras in St. Louis!  Saw Everclear, LIVE!
3/2 Ate mac & cheese all day…
3/3 Snow day till noon
3/4 Cherub, Carousel & ProbCause @ Old Rock House
3/5 Effed up immuno wells :|
3/6 Submited abstract for GSSS
3/7 Spring Break begins!  Jared’s bday celebration!
3/8 Homeward bound
3/9 TJMaxx lady was really mean to me :(
3/10 Ate all the things today
3/11 Tried J. Gumbo’s w/ Matt & Auston
3/12 Packed up spring clothes for school
3/13 Made green bean noodle soup w/ grammy
3/14 Celebrated Pi Day @ Entourage + Herradurra
3/15 Gave grammy a hair cut
3/16 Back to the school grind
3/17 Had a Sonic cheeseburger for the first time
3/18 Practical #2
3/19 Study day
3/20 Found out Uncle Wen passed away on Tuesday
3/21 Absolute WORST day...bought two cupcakes to pacify myself
3/22 It was a two nap kind of day
3/23 Tried out some new Julep makeup
3/24 Finished Biscoff spread in one week...
3/25 Gave Dr. Joy her gifts
3/26 Turned in Botulism paper
3/27 Helped Katie and Emily w/ cat dissections
3/28 Watched The Princess and the Frog…I still believe in fairytales :)
3/29 Judged SERC & met Aliza! Went to my first Supercross event!
3/30 Reorganized closet for spring
3/31 Started project for ISAS!

Me gooseta :)

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