January 31, 2014

DAILY BLURBS (January 2014)

My New Year's resolution, if you can call this that, is to write down some words that sum up each day.  It's suppose to remind me to live each day to the fullest and to do something worth writing about.  It's also suppose to show me how much time passes by and how easily we forget about the minute details of our lives.  Similar to a mixed CD or old iPod playlist, I think jotting down a daily blurb will help me better appreciate certain time periods in my life.  So here's to me making the most out of my days and now, I present you with my blurbs for January 2014!

1/1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Feeling grateful for my family and friends.
1/2 Matt’s car died at Meijer
1/3 Daniel left for the Bahamas
1/4 Watched ‘12 Years A Slave’ and was sad for many hours.
1/5 ALL the snow!
1/6 Trapped in my house…
1/7 Learned proper words for bra & horoscope in Mandarin
1/8 Discovered the scent Bergamot Woods
1/9 Met Murphy! (Brooke’s dog)
1/10 First time at Fairview Heights...meh.
1/11 Organized apartment
1/12 Loveseat has arrived!
1/13 Mom flies to Taiwan :/
1/14 Teaching 240A begins :)
1/15 Met Samantha! Made Italian Beef & watched Wolf On Wall Street
1/16 Started Post-it To Do lists
1/17 Bombed first Microbial Pathogenesis quiz
1/18 Charlie Wilson concert + Zack’s 28th!
1/19 Laid in bed ALL day :)
1/20 Another lazy day…
1/21 Caught up on filming for YouTube/blog
1/22 Finally got my schedule together...worked out for the first time this year.
1/23 Loved HardCORE class.  Not a fan of the new Zumba instructor.
1/24 Back home to keep dad company
1/25 Found Who Knew Smart Cookie Oreos!
1/26 Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici are married!
1/27 Skipped a class to sleep…Zzzz…
1/28 Teaching Histology went well
1/29 Just Dance & ABSolute Glutes was FUN!
1/30 Lunch & About Time w/ Daniel
1/31 Cards Against Humanity - delivered! and Happy Chinese New Year!

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