February 28, 2014

DAILY BLURBS (February 2014)

2/1 Sucky period day...remedied w/ Powell twins, TED, & Louis CK
2/2 Go Broncos!  Superbowl @ Katie’s
2/3 Zumba w/ Courtney – my fave!
2/4 Snow day – got drunk w/ Evan
2/5 On the struggle bus today…
2/6 Worked on MicroPath stuff all day
2/7 Square One Brewery + game night at Evan’s
2/8 Benton Street Café & Heather stopped by!
2/9 Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge is open
2/10 Started experiments for dental pulp stem cells (HMSC)
2/11 First practicum for A&P
2/12 Watched American Hustle
2/13 Uncle Wen’s heart surgery
2/14 Met Linda & James (Les Halles, lime & lager, shandygaff, Eiffel Tower at night)
2/15 Learned more about Confucius, Lao-Tzu, Mencius, & Guanyin
2/16 Started Eleven Rings
2/17 S1E1 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
2/18 Forgot to show students the cow femur, dangit!
2/19 Catch up day! Cooking…filming…
2/20 Finished grading            
2/21 Cleaned apartment + hung out w/ Patrice
2/22 Made homemade applesauce w/ Cuisinart Hand Blender
2/23 Pi Pizzeria – the Central West End was so good!
2/24 Made PERFECT western blot gels in lab!  Yay!
2/25 Teaching went really well today :)
2/26 Met a really sweet girl named Nicki @ Just Dance
2/27 Accomplished everything on today’s list! 
2/28 Lunch w/ Sam @ Fast Eddie’s ...first time!

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