February 28, 2014


1.) DERMA:B - Daily Moisture Body Lotion
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2.) NUGANIC CUSTOMIZE - Pore Control Essence
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3.) CNP Laboratory - Cleansing Perfecta
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4.) AROMATICA - Tasteless Aroma Therapy Roll-On
     Price of Full Size $15.00 / 40ml [In box: Full Size]
5.) LIPOZONE - Body Ampoule
     Price of Full Size $32.00 / 5ml x 14 [In box: $11.43 / 5ml x 5]
6.) SELLA - Organic Soap
Price of Full Size $20.00 / 100g [In box: $3.60 / 18g]
7.) ESPOIR - Lip Gloss in Naughty
Price of Full Size $15.00 / 37g [In box: $1.78 / 4.4g]
8.) BONUS: PHYSIOGEL - Sample Packets (3)
9.) BONUS: DEAR JANE - Sample Packets (2)
10.) BONUS: LEADERS - Sample Packets (2)
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DAILY BLURBS (February 2014)

2/1 Sucky period day...remedied w/ Powell twins, TED, & Louis CK
2/2 Go Broncos!  Superbowl @ Katie’s
2/3 Zumba w/ Courtney – my fave!
2/4 Snow day – got drunk w/ Evan
2/5 On the struggle bus today…
2/6 Worked on MicroPath stuff all day
2/7 Square One Brewery + game night at Evan’s
2/8 Benton Street Café & Heather stopped by!
2/9 Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge is open
2/10 Started experiments for dental pulp stem cells (HMSC)
2/11 First practicum for A&P
2/12 Watched American Hustle
2/13 Uncle Wen’s heart surgery
2/14 Met Linda & James (Les Halles, lime & lager, shandygaff, Eiffel Tower at night)
2/15 Learned more about Confucius, Lao-Tzu, Mencius, & Guanyin
2/16 Started Eleven Rings
2/17 S1E1 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
2/18 Forgot to show students the cow femur, dangit!
2/19 Catch up day! Cooking…filming…
2/20 Finished grading            
2/21 Cleaned apartment + hung out w/ Patrice
2/22 Made homemade applesauce w/ Cuisinart Hand Blender
2/23 Pi Pizzeria – the Central West End was so good!
2/24 Made PERFECT western blot gels in lab!  Yay!
2/25 Teaching went really well today :)
2/26 Met a really sweet girl named Nicki @ Just Dance
2/27 Accomplished everything on today’s list! 
2/28 Lunch w/ Sam @ Fast Eddie’s ...first time!

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February 3, 2014

10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

1.) Beauty Box Subscription - Julep Maven, Glossybox, Memebox, Ipsy, Birchbox...there are soOo many beauty subscriptions out there.  Sign her up for a month or three or a year!  Links are down below:

Use my referral link & promo code to get the first box free: http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/35573/
AND type in unique invitation code: 2739121
Sign up for GLOSSYBOX by using my referral link:

New to the scene and continues to sell out super quick.  If your girl is adventurous and would like to try Korean beauty products, this is the box for her!  The 8th, 9th, and 10th boxes are being sold as a set. http://us.memebox.com/Product/Detail/view/pid/3003/cid/80
(You get $7 points for ordering your first box, $5 points as a welcome gift and $5 more promo points if you email hi@memebox.com and write Jennifer Yu referred me - http://www.youtube.com/jenncyu ...that's $17 points total the your girl can use for a future box or products on the memebox website.)

I'm not a huge fan of Ipsy because their products are very hit or miss, but it's cheaper ($10) per month.  http://www.ipsy.com

Another $10 per month beauty box, but there's always a wait list for Birchbox.  For this reason, I would go with one of the other options first.  http://www.birchbox.com

2.) Candy & Flowers - but put your own spin on it!  Go to a flea market or a thrift store like Goodwill and buy a decorative candy dish or container to put her favorite candy in.  And instead of buying flowers...maybe a flowering plant?  Or herb plant if she cooks a lot.  It's more practical and ecofriendly.

3.) Spice Rack or Artisan Oils - This is perfect for a girl who loves to cook!  I love the acrylic spice racks from The Container Store.  And don't get me started on what truffle oil can do for food!
4.) Monogram - As I mentioned in the '10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him' post, J.Crew can add monogram to most anything.  Being a woman myself, I would really love a monogrammed baseball cap or monogrammed jeans from J.Crew!
Accessories at jcrew.com

5.) Tickets - Like men, women love activities too, so check to see who's coming to town!

6.) Lingerie - Some people think this is tacky, but I think it's a win-win for both of you.  Buying lingerie can be awkward, but it's worth it, is it not?
7.) Gift Basket - fill it with candles, sweets, nail polish, lotion...etc.  Anything that will make her feel pretty and feminine and loved.

8.) Pamper Her - set up an appointment for her to get a manicure or pedicure.  Massages and facials are wonderful but they're more expensive.  Or you can buy some oils and light some candles to create an home spa and pamper her yourself.

9.) Jewelry - I don't mean expensive jewelry.  Just something small and meaningful.  Check out etsy.com for great gifts like this dainty initial ring.  An initial necklace would be fantastic too.  You can order an additional pendant so she'll have her initial and your initial on the same necklace.
10.) Just be cute - Gifts are always welcome, but with the holiday wallet pangs still lingering, maybe the last thing either of you guys need to do is to exchange another gift.  All a girl really needs is a cute note.  Maybe a cute note for every hour of the Valentine's Day day?  Or maybe she's a breakfast in bed kind of girl?  Just be thoughtful!  If she gets upset with you for being simple and not going all out...you may want to re-evaluate your relationship.
Idea from passionatepennypincher.com

I tried to make this Valentine's Day list different from the men's list, but there are a couple of repeats.  I hope these ideas help and good luck on your gift search!  Have a great Valentine's Day!
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February 1, 2014

10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him

1.) Cards Against Humanity - aka the best game ever.  aka you're the best girlfriend ever.

2.) Instagram Art - coasters, magnets, iPad covers...etc.  If you're tight on money, you can also find a ton of DIY tutorials online for different Instagram projects.

3.) Travel/Toiletry Kit - All of the guys I have ever dated needed one of these or a new, grown up version of one.  I love this rich, brown toiletry kit from Nordstrom.

4.) Fancy Shave Cream & After Shave - I got this Blind Barber set for my brother last Christmas and he loves it.  It smells soOo good.

5.) Monogram - At J.Crew, you can get almost anything monogrammed.  I would say go with a nice pocket square or boxers for Valentine's Day.

6.) Beer Making Kit - this just looks fun, doesn't it?!

7.) Sports Gear - If your guy is into sports, then this is perfect.  I'm thinking a golf shirt with his favorite team logo or new gear for a sport he plays.

8.) Tickets - Check and see who's coming to town! Pick a concert, sporting event...etc.  He'll love it.  Dudes love activities.

9.) Gift Basket - of his favorite things (beer, snacks...etc).  You can easily put something like this together.

10) Cook for him - Make him dinner and a sexy dessert.  Or make dinner together.  Here are some yummy recipe ideas:

And one last thing!  If you're going to make him watch a romantic movie with you, make it About Time starring Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams.  It is fast-paced, effervescent, and has a lovely message that both of you will appreciate.  Oh and most importantly, it's not super chick-flicky.  I'll leave you with the trailer:

Well good luck...I hope these ideas help.
Share your ideas with me in the comments below!

Love you all, and as always, thank you for your support!
<< Jenn >>
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