January 20, 2014

MEMEBOX #2 UNBOXING - Korean Beauty Products

Video Makeup:
ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Liquid Foundation in Dawn
E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit in Dark
ARDENCY INN Punker Eyeliner
SULA Blush in Girl Next Door
COVERGIRL Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara in Black
REVLON Color Burst Lip Butter in Candy Apple
URBAN DECAY All Nighter XL Makeup Setting Spray

Video Outfit:
HOMMAGE - plaid shirt
CHAPS - silver ball studs
JUICY COUTURE - truth/dare necklace

1.) RYOE - Jayang Yunmo Anti-hairloss Hair Pack
     Price of Full Size $16.00 / 300ml [In box: $5.33 / 100ml]
2.) LJH - Tea Tree 90 Essence
     Price of Full Size $32.00 / 50ml [In box: $12.80 / 20ml]
3.) MIGUHARA - BP Cream
     Price of Full Size $37.00 / 30ml [In box: $7.40 / 3ml x 2]
4.) MAYCOOP - Raw Sauce
     Price of Full Size $40.00 / 150ml [In box: $10.67 / 40ml]
5.) A;T FOX - Tea Toc Water Clear Tablet
     Price of Full Size $5.00 / 4g x 3 [In box: FULL SIZE]
6.) HOLIKA HOLIKA - Skin & Good Cera Super Cream
Price of Full Size $19.00 / 60ml [In box: $3.17 / 10ml]
7.) GOWOONSESANG - Total Active Dual BB Cream
Price of Full Size $50.00 / 50ml [In box: FULL SIZE]
8.) BONUS: RYOE - Jayang Yunmo Anti-hairloss Sample Packets (3)
Price of Full Size: Unknown

2nd Edition MEMEBOX is sold out :(

Order 3rd Edition MEMEBOX here: 
(On top of $7 points for ordering your first box, you get $5 points as a welcome gift and $5 more promo points if you email hi@memebox.com and write Jennifer Yu referred me - http://www.youtube.com/jenncyu ...that's $17 points total, save the points for a future box.  I do not get compensated for the referral)



1. What is memebox? 
memebox is a no.1 beauty box subscription service in Asia and it just launched in USA and Canada.  It introduces North American beauty lovers to Korean beauty products.  At the memebox website, you can purchase various Korean cosmetics including "memebox exclusive" Korean beauty products and memebox beauty box. 

2. How to read memebox? mi-mi-box.

3. What is the link of memebox?
memebox website URL is http://www.memebox.com and you need to choose the country since we offer service in North America and also Japan and Korea.
For direct link to purchase memebox, please refer the link below. 

4. How much will memebox cost and does that include shipping?
memebox is $21 + $6.97 shipping from Korea to North America(USA, Canada) 
You get $7 back every time you order a box which is about the same value as shipping charge :)
In total, it costs $27.97 including box and shipping, and you get $7 points that you can use it as a cash next time you make a purchase at memebox.

5. is it shipped from Korea?
Yes, the products are shipped from Korea. 

For more detail information, please refer the link below.

6. Is memebox a continuous subscription or do you have to elect to purchase it every month? 
Memebox does not offer monthly subscription plan yet so you have to buy each box every time a new one is released.  

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