January 22, 2014

INFLUENSTER: Violet Voxbox

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  
Here is my full review on each product!

QUICK TAKE:  I'm not a huge fan of wearing headbands during a workout.

USAGE TIPS:  For my work outs, I usually just put my hair up in a bun.  I've been using this headband to keep my hair out of my face and to absorb sweat.  

THE VERDICT:  This is the first headband that stays on the whole time!  Conventional stretchy headbands can be too constricting or they pop off your head eventually.  Not only was this headband comfortable, it stays put through my whole workout AND is great for absorbing sweat.  Finally!

SALLY HANSEN Triple Shine Nail Color in 'Sparks Fly'

 Pretty!  Perfect for New Years Eve!

USAGE TIPS:  Just because 'Sparks Fly' looks blue, doesn't mean you have to pair it with blue nail polish.  Frankly, I think blue and green nail polish can look childish at times.  The multidimentional  glitters are silver, so I paired it with a blue toned gray and it worked really well!

THE VERDICT:  This nail polish is fabulous!  It's super sparkly and the dried polish feels smooth, not bumpy (which can tend to happen with glittery nail polishes).  I paired my sparkles with a bottom coat of 'Over The Edge' by Essie, which is a gray polish with some bluish hues to it.

SOYJOY Dark Chocolate Cherry Snack Bar

QUICK TAKE:  I love snack bars!

USAGE TIPS:  It tastes better after 8-10 seconds in the microwave.

THE VERDICT:  Straight out of the package, the product lacks texture and is a bit chalky, but warming it up in the microwave, as suggested, helps greatly!  The result reminds me of a warm chocolate cherry cake!  I would definitely buy this again, but will only eat it warm.

MONTAGNE JEUNEUSSE Pulped Pomegranate Red Earth Clay Spa Mask

QUICK TAKE:  I was curious to see what pomegranate and cinnamon smelled like together.

USAGE TIPS:  Follow the instructions listed on the package.  Light a few candles.  Take a break.

THE VERDICT:  Loved it!  I'm definitely purchasing this again.  The combination of pomegranate and cinnamon smelled like a fruity, tropical drink made with spiced rum.  Talk about taking you on an insta-vacation!  I have never used facial clays in mask form, so this was really cool.  It was easy, effective, and at $2.49, inexpensive as well!

NOT YOUR MOTHER'S Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

 Ah, we meet again!

USAGE TIPS:  This product dries really quickly.  Be sure to work it into your roots before it dries or else it'll be really hard to work with later.

THE VERDICT:  I bought the full size of this product a while ago and was mildly impressed.  It was one of the first drugstore dry shampoos to hit the shelves and I knew I had to try it.  I would say Clean Freak is good but not great.  It dries too quickly for my liking and is hard to with once it does dry.  It's also very powdery and white, so it can leave my black hair looking a bit dull and a bit gray.

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