October 5, 2013

SUMMER to FALL HAUL (Urban Outfitters, AE, LoveCulture, F21, H&M)

I haven't gone to the mall in a million years!  
I actually wasn't planning on buying anything but the sales made it hard for me to resist!
Enjoy the haul! 

Urban Outfitters:
1.) Filigree Headwraps (gold and rose gold): http://bit.ly/1aXIvVa
2.) Assorted Socks (similar): http://bit.ly/GFT1ap

American Eagle:
1.) Dainty Heart Ring (similar): http://on.ae.com/1htkI0Z
2.) Everyday Wear Ruched T (similar): http://on.ae.com/194eqSA

1.) Nautical Striped Skirt: http://bit.ly/1e1KwSg
2.) Ivory Chiffon Bow Dress: http://bit.ly/18FVnPB

Forever 21:
1.) Fingerless Gloves (I like these too): http://bit.ly/17bcNQm
2.) Metallic Knit Infinity Scarf: http://bit.ly/15TesKM
3.) Chunky Striped Infinity Scarf: http://bit.ly/194f8iU
4.) Basic Sweatshirt (similar): http://bit.ly/193drUA - this one has fleece lining!
5.) Striped Racerback Tank (similar): http://bit.ly/1fRyvTE
6.) Favorite Scoop Neck Cami in Lime: http://bit.ly/GCdoVs

1.) Crochet Dress in Cream (similar look in top): http://bit.ly/GGbSSJ
2.) Knit Sweater in Neon Coral (similar): http://bit.ly/1e1QhPV
3.) Pineapple Skirt (different but cute too): http://bit.ly/19sJF84
4.) Denim Shorts in Black: http://bit.ly/194hA97
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1 comment:

  1. oh wow, you bought so many great stuff! I am in love with the striped and the pinneapple skirt:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog
    Best Jasmin


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