October 6, 2013

PLAY > Mike WiLL Made It - 23

Okay, so besides the fact that I'm a huge fan of Mr. 23 himself, Michael Jordan, and of Juicy J (Three 6 Mafia was my shit in high school) ...I think Miley Cyrus is surprisingly refreshing on this track?  I put a question mark because I'm still not sure of what I actually think...but I'm intrigued.

Her makeup looks flawless, and I'm pretty jealous of all her Jordan gear too.  Ahh and the blinged out basketball...WANT!  The rapping isn't half bad either...I think she pulls it off.  Her tongue that ALWAYS seems to be out nowadays made one too many appearances in this video, and as much as I want to say I don't get it...I get it.  Do your thing Miley.

*sidenote* I really like Miley's song '#GetItRight' from her Bangerz album which will be released on Tuesday!  It's upbeat and super flirty and I just love it.  Also, I'm going to a pre-season Bulls game tomorrow and will get to watch Derrick Rose play since his recovery from his ACL injury!  Be excited for me!

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