July 14, 2013

L.E.I. Short Overalls

The original rompers are making a comeback!  Here are some photos from the weekend -- rompin' around town on a Saturday night! 

Isn't my friend, Yazmine, just gorgeous?!

I was picking up a few, much-needed beauty products from Walmart the other day and the sight of these L.E.I. shortalls had me feeling panicked.  I was passing by the juniors section, of all sections [smh], and felt my 25-year-old eyeballs committing a fashion crime.  My mind was telling me "don't stop Jenn...keep it moving", but my heart...my heart was racing and wondering why I hadn't thrown them in my shopping basket yet.

In my baby Jenn years, I wore tons of overalls and jumpers, so anytime I see them, I get an overwhelming sense of comfort and nostalgia.  It's unsettling how your past can subconsciously dictate your future decisions.  Which is what I suppose happened in this case...

For the past couple of years, I've been making an effort to only purchase wardrobe essentials that will last me for years to come, so the thought of buying overalls became quite a controversial topic.  I think overalls are such strange closet staples as they are classic pieces but can also be too trendy.  I guess it's more about how they're styled but regardless, it had me questioning the value of having a pair in my closet -- they're classic but are they timeless?  Will I wear these often enough for me to actually invest in a pair? 

As I recall, overalls do make certain tasks, like using the john, a bit more trying, but they're cute and always fun to wear. And at the bargain price of $15-16, I couldn't not buy them.  These shortalls were a lovely, serendipitous find, and even though they aren't made of the highest quality, they're actually exactly what I wanted.  They are medium in weight and in denim color and pair really well with a plain tank or crop top.  I think they will transition nicely into the fall season as well.  Needless to say, the baby Jenn in me is really happy that I got them :)

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