June 11, 2013

PLAY > Ryan Leslie - Rescue U

Listening to Ryan Leslie sing is incredibly satiating.  I'm forever consumed by the rich, buttery tone of his voice.

Anyways, onward.  Though, I love the whole Transition (2009) album, 'Rescue U' may be my favorite track from the entire compilation due to the number of times I have revisited it over the years.  It's a bonus track, so thankfully, my obsessed-fan self purchased the deluxe album.  'Promise Not To Call' is another top favorite of mine from the album, and it's also a bonus track.  What the heck!  Why would he do this?!  People who paid money for the regular album are definitely missing out.

> RYAN LESLIE - Rescue U
This was the best version I could find on YouTube.  Asraf's keyboard intro is quite good, so it's doesn't completely downgrade the song.

> RYAN LESLIE - Rescue U (in the studio)
Pardon his choices in clothing, this video was shot around 2008-2009.  
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