June 22, 2013

JULEP Maven: Sail Into Summer (June 2013)

I thought this month's nautical inspired box was so appropriate and so adorable!  The beachy theme and preppy hues had me itching to put on some boat shoes and the stripeyest dress I own.

I went with the 'Classic with the Twist' maven box this month which included Martha (polo pink creme), Kennedy (khaki creme), and DD Creme in Light (brand new to Julep).

I really love how Martha is both feminine and sporty.  It's a really simple and clean shade that's wonderful for summer.

Kennedy, on the other hand, looks really drab against my skintone.  It doesn't do anything for me.  I was hoping it would be close to coloring of my skin, so I could use it as a nude out nail shade, but unfortunately, it has some unflattering green undertones that looks odd against my skin.

The DD Creme works pretty well.  It's not the best I've used.  It's not the worst I've used.

I go into a little more detail about each product in the video(below), so please watch for additional information!

Nantucket Nostalgia Collection (img source: julep.com)
JULEP Maven: Classic with  a Twist

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