March 4, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY | 3.4.2013

Bringing you guys some throwbacks this week.  Happy Music Monday, y'all!

1.) ALOE BLACC - I Need A Dollar
If you're looking for a new artist to obsess about or a new album to pick up, check out 'Good Things'.  It's fantastic.

2.) B. SMYTH - Leggo feat. 2 Chainz
Last week, I talked a little about Timeflies and their new single "Swoon".  Well, this week features another artist who got discovered thanks to YouTube.  His personal YT channel is BSmyth1000 so check him out!  (side note: his cheekbones are amazing!)

3.) MATT & KIM - It's Alright
Yay, the official video has finally been released and it did not disappoint!  I want to find a boy who will do this with me haha!

4.) N-DUBZ - I Need You
Anyone remember this song!  LOVE!  And I have a major girl crush on Tulisa...

5.) TULISA - Young
Speaking of Tulisa...this song is so full of energy!  One of my favorites.  You guys should check out James Arthur's version of 'Young' while your at it.

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