March 27, 2013

JULEP - February & March 2013

I've been falling behind on my Julep Maven posts, so today is catch up day.  Check out the shades I got in my February 'Get On The A-list' and March 'Get Ready To Play' boxes.   LOVE!

JULEP MAVEN - February 2012 'Get On The A-List'
Julianne (smoky grey blue creme)
Ingrid (burnt orange creme)
JULEP MAVEN - March 2013 'Get Ready To Play' 
Shenae (Pastel mint green w/ opalescent shimmer)
Teri (tropical coral pink creme),
Simone (soft pastel lilac w/ opalescent shimmer)
Minnie (warm pastel pink w/ opalescent shimmer)
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