February 11, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY ~ Valentine's Day Playlist

It's almost Valentine's Day so you're only allowed to listen to love songs this week! 
I will be jet setting to Florida on Valentine's Day, and I will definitely be listening to these faves.
(Jet setting makes me sound so fancy...haha)
Anyways, I'm flying down for my best friend, Kelsy's wedding!
I will be out-of-control vlogging so stay tuned for those videos!

Anyways, here's my love song playlist:

1.) D'ANGELO - How Does It Feel
I remember watching this on MTV when I was younger and getting in a lot of trouble for it.  I found his voice to be soothing and unique, and he was probably one of the first almost naked men I have ever laid my eyes on.  haha.

2.) MAXWELL - Pretty Wings
Easily one of the most beautiful songs ever composed.

3.) RHYE - Open
I love the sensuality of this song.  I first heard it last February and fell in love with the intimacy of it all. This is the new video that has been released...there is also a 2012 version up on YouTube.

4.) RYAN LESLIE - Valentine
One of my favorite artists creating one of my favorite songs.  Oh, the things I would give up to meet him one day.

5.) VERSE SIMMONDS - Boo Thang (feat. Kelly Rowland)
I remember downloading his mixtape a long time ago and immediately loving this song.  I think it's really cute!

Have a happy valentine's day week everybody!  Love you all!  xoxo *jenn

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