January 7, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY | 1.7.2013

Hello all!
Sorry I'm getting this up so late...I totally forgot it was Monday!
Can you believe it has already been a week into the new year?
Anyways, this is my first MM of the year so I hope you guys like it.  

The few songs I have been loving (alphabetical order):

1.) AQUA - How R U Doin'?
Remember them?!  My iTunes started playing Barbie girl and I was like, you know, I've never listened to anything else by Aqua.  So I looked them up, and they aren't doing amazeballs, but they're doing well enough to still be making music...cool!  I still love Lene's high-pitched vocals contrasted against Rene's gravelly vocals.

2.) CHERYL COLE - Ghetto Baby
Though I love Lana Del Rey's bluesy voice on this song better, I think Cheryl did a great job.  I just love the song.  Very dark and sultry.
Lana Del Rey's version of Ghetto Baby...

3.) JAMES ARTHUR - Impossible
I love Shontelle's version and this version equally.  Really emotional and perfect.

4.) TYLER JAMES - Worry About You (feat. Kano)
I just love his voice!

5.) YASMEEN - Blue Jeans
An oldie but goodie.  I'm revisiting this song because my BFF Kels is getting married soon.  'Blue Jeans' reminds me of her, because I would burn her CDs wayy back in the day and this was one of our fave jams.  Love it!

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