December 24, 2012


It's Christmas Eve everybody!  I hope you guys are jamming to all the twinkling and cheery tunes today.  Here are 10 Christmas songs that cannot go without playing in my household.  Meeerrrry Christmas!

1.) BRENDA LEE - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
My most favorite Christmas song EVERRRRR...

2.) BRITNEY SPEARS - Only Wish
My only wish...a festive video for this song!  PLEASE!

3.) CHUCK BERRY - Run Rudolph Run
Another classic... The Home Alone soundtracks are just really good.

4.) DEAN MARTIN & FRANK SINATRA- Marshmellow World
Ugh, I'm obsessed with both of them.  and this song.

5.) SHE&HIM - Baby It's Cold Outside
I love them!  and the video is so adorbs!

6.) JUSTIN BIEBER - Fa La La feat. Boyz II Men
Everything JB does puts a smile on my face.  And this song is Christmas perfection...what a wonderful collaboration with one of the best music groups ever!

7.) MARIAH CAREY - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Duh, is this not on everyone's Christmas playlist?

8.) *NSYNC - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
Hands down, best Christmas video ever made... such a classic!

9.) STEVIE WONDER - This Christmas (and) What Christmas Means To Me
I couldn't decide which was my favorite Stevie Christmas I picked both!

10.) TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA - Christmas / Sarajevo
I seriously thought WTF when I first watched this.  I did not expect this video to be like this at all.  But regardless, TSO is amazefest USA!  SoOo good!
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1 comment:

  1. BRENDA LEE - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree is probably one of the only Christmas song I love.

    I hope you had a awesome Christmas!

    L♥ts of l♥ve,


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