December 3, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY | 12.3.2012

Hello my loves!  So I haven't posted a MUSIC MONDAY entry for a couple of weeks now and that's due to suddenly shutting down.

I guess MIXPOD decided to turned themselves into an app.  You can find it in the app store by typing in 'music playlist' or 'mixpod'.  The app seems pretty user-friendly and still allows me to make playlists, but I miss the ease and convenience of the online website.  Thus, I won't be using MIXPOD for my MUSIC MONDAYposts anymore.

I will still be posting my top 5 songs of the week though, and it will look similar to the format I have below.  The order is alphabetical by artist and is not a favorites countdown.

1.) 2PAC - Keep Ya Head Up
Revisited one of my favorite 2Pac songs...

2.) HUNTER HAYES - Wanted
I heard this on a country radio station a while ago and kept forgetting to look it up.  I finally remembered to do so and was happy to see such cute boy singing this!  Adorable song :)

3.) MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS - Thrift Store feat. Wanz
I love Macklemore...some good usage of the saxophone in this song!  The first time I heard anything by Macklemore, I thought it was WALLPAPER. , but was glad to know there was another artist making music like this.  I find songs like this to be comedic and upbeat...a recipe for feel good jams!

4.) NICKI MINAJ - Freedom
I was drawn to the lyrical content of this song, and I think the video is beautifully shot!

I was obsessed with him on American Idol (soOo happy he won), and I'm still obsessed.  I know this song has been out for a while, but I'm posting it now, because it's still a favorite.  I finally got a chance to listen to his whole album, and I need to purchase a hard copy of it ASAP!  Excellent album.  And he's super dreamy.

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