December 17, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY | 12.17.2012

Happy Monday!  These are my five favorites on my playlist this week.

*The order is alphabetical by artist and is not a favorites countdown.

1.) JOKER - Purple City
My friend Paul introduced me to new dubstep obsession.  This song sounds so amazeballs in Paul's subwoofed car and playing it on my Mac doesn't do this song any justice.  Please turn up the bass to hear the song in its full glory.

2.) KANYE WEST - Clique feat. Big Sean & Jay-Z
Songs like this make me wish I was a dancer...I would go so hard on this track.  1:28 is my favorite part in this video.
And why not another...

3.) MODESTEP - Another Day
I've been non-stop repeating this song during my runs.  I love songs that make me run for miles!  And the video is...interesting haha.

TAYLOR SWIFT - I Knew You Were Trouble
Her album RED is amazing, and my little ears instantly loved all up on this song.  It's so majorly bubbly and edgy.  Love it!

Anybody remember Wanye Wonder?!  'No Letting Go' is one of my all time favorite songs, and I was so happy about this year's new album.  It's not my favorite compilation, but it's pretty good.

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