December 31, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY | 12.31.2012

New songs for the new year?  Well, not quite...but this is what I'll be listening to tonight while I'm getting ready for New Years Eve night out.  What will you guys be listening to?

*UPDATE* I got hit with the stomach flu at work this morning...welp, there goes tonight.  I hope you guys have a good one for me :)

1.) DIPLO + NICKY DA B - Express Yourself
Chunkybutts for all.  Happy New Year haha.  My guy friends are obsessed with this song.

How come know one likes / knows about this song?!  I love it!

She makes me wish I were Greek.  I'm obsessed with how cute she is...!

And if you guys haven't heard the acoustic version...

4.) ONE DIRECTION - Kiss You
Let me KISS YOU!  I throughly enjoyed their 2nd album 'Take Me Home'...don't hate.

5.) WILL SMITH - Will 2K
A classic.  Will was so dope in the 90s.  LOVE this video!

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December 24, 2012


It's Christmas Eve everybody!  I hope you guys are jamming to all the twinkling and cheery tunes today.  Here are 10 Christmas songs that cannot go without playing in my household.  Meeerrrry Christmas!

1.) BRENDA LEE - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
My most favorite Christmas song EVERRRRR...

2.) BRITNEY SPEARS - Only Wish
My only wish...a festive video for this song!  PLEASE!

3.) CHUCK BERRY - Run Rudolph Run
Another classic... The Home Alone soundtracks are just really good.

4.) DEAN MARTIN & FRANK SINATRA- Marshmellow World
Ugh, I'm obsessed with both of them.  and this song.

5.) SHE&HIM - Baby It's Cold Outside
I love them!  and the video is so adorbs!

6.) JUSTIN BIEBER - Fa La La feat. Boyz II Men
Everything JB does puts a smile on my face.  And this song is Christmas perfection...what a wonderful collaboration with one of the best music groups ever!

7.) MARIAH CAREY - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Duh, is this not on everyone's Christmas playlist?

8.) *NSYNC - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
Hands down, best Christmas video ever made... such a classic!

9.) STEVIE WONDER - This Christmas (and) What Christmas Means To Me
I couldn't decide which was my favorite Stevie Christmas I picked both!

10.) TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA - Christmas / Sarajevo
I seriously thought WTF when I first watched this.  I did not expect this video to be like this at all.  But regardless, TSO is amazefest USA!  SoOo good!
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December 17, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY | 12.17.2012

Happy Monday!  These are my five favorites on my playlist this week.

*The order is alphabetical by artist and is not a favorites countdown.

1.) JOKER - Purple City
My friend Paul introduced me to new dubstep obsession.  This song sounds so amazeballs in Paul's subwoofed car and playing it on my Mac doesn't do this song any justice.  Please turn up the bass to hear the song in its full glory.

2.) KANYE WEST - Clique feat. Big Sean & Jay-Z
Songs like this make me wish I was a dancer...I would go so hard on this track.  1:28 is my favorite part in this video.
And why not another...

3.) MODESTEP - Another Day
I've been non-stop repeating this song during my runs.  I love songs that make me run for miles!  And the video is...interesting haha.

TAYLOR SWIFT - I Knew You Were Trouble
Her album RED is amazing, and my little ears instantly loved all up on this song.  It's so majorly bubbly and edgy.  Love it!

Anybody remember Wanye Wonder?!  'No Letting Go' is one of my all time favorite songs, and I was so happy about this year's new album.  It's not my favorite compilation, but it's pretty good.

December 10, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY | 12.10.2012

Time for another MM!  Here are the 5 songs I've had on repeat.  As usual, the order is alphabetical by artist and is not a favorites countdown.

1.) CALVIN HARRIS - Sweet Nothing feat. Florence Welch
I just love anything Florence does.  She's freaking amazeballs.

2.) DANITY KANE - Ooh Ahh 
I wanted DK to make a video for this soOo badly!  I was obsessed with this song back in 2006 and am clearly still a little cray-cray over it.

3.) ED SHEERAN - Lego House
He's a ginger.  He sings.  Obviously an instant fave.  Give his CD + a listen--folky-pop at its finest.

4.) KIMBRA - Cameo Lover
This video is an oldie but goodie.  I just love the candy-colored pops in this video.  Kimbra, surprisingly, didn't blow up like I thought she would after being featured on Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know'.  She's one of my all time faves who totally deserves more attention.  Not only does she have an amazing voice, she also has a fabulous sense of style and is always wearing the best ensembles.  GIRL CRUSHING HARD!

5.) WILL.I.AM - Scream & Shout feat. Britney Spears
This may not be a timeless classic, but it's catchy and ALL the fun.  Don't tell me you won't be jammin' to this at the bar/club, because you will be...whether you like it or not.  Oh, and Brit looks fab!

December 4, 2012

*WINTERLICIOUS TAG* (created by MacBarbie07)

Hello and Happy December my loves!  
I came across Bethany's Winterlicious TAG and had to make one of my own. 

Here are the twelve questions: 
1) Favorite Winter Nail Polish?
2) Favorite Winter lip product?
3) Most worn Winter clothing piece?
4) Most worn Winter accessory?
5) Favorite winter scent/candle?
6) Favorite Winter beverage?
7) All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?
8) Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?
9) Favorite Holiday food/treat?

10) What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year?
11) What's at the top of your Christmas list?
12) What are your plans for the holidays this year?

Here are my answers!  Winterlicious TAG video + Bloopies:

Don't forget to enter my DECEMBER 2012 GIVEAWAY:
NOVEMBER 2012 FAVORITES (wearing Revlon Sugar Plum):
How I have a winterlicious holiday :)
Would you guys like to see a Christmas Makeup Tutorial?
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December 3, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY | 12.3.2012

Hello my loves!  So I haven't posted a MUSIC MONDAY entry for a couple of weeks now and that's due to suddenly shutting down.

I guess MIXPOD decided to turned themselves into an app.  You can find it in the app store by typing in 'music playlist' or 'mixpod'.  The app seems pretty user-friendly and still allows me to make playlists, but I miss the ease and convenience of the online website.  Thus, I won't be using MIXPOD for my MUSIC MONDAYposts anymore.

I will still be posting my top 5 songs of the week though, and it will look similar to the format I have below.  The order is alphabetical by artist and is not a favorites countdown.

1.) 2PAC - Keep Ya Head Up
Revisited one of my favorite 2Pac songs...

2.) HUNTER HAYES - Wanted
I heard this on a country radio station a while ago and kept forgetting to look it up.  I finally remembered to do so and was happy to see such cute boy singing this!  Adorable song :)

3.) MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS - Thrift Store feat. Wanz
I love Macklemore...some good usage of the saxophone in this song!  The first time I heard anything by Macklemore, I thought it was WALLPAPER. , but was glad to know there was another artist making music like this.  I find songs like this to be comedic and upbeat...a recipe for feel good jams!

4.) NICKI MINAJ - Freedom
I was drawn to the lyrical content of this song, and I think the video is beautifully shot!

I was obsessed with him on American Idol (soOo happy he won), and I'm still obsessed.  I know this song has been out for a while, but I'm posting it now, because it's still a favorite.  I finally got a chance to listen to his whole album, and I need to purchase a hard copy of it ASAP!  Excellent album.  And he's super dreamy.

December 1, 2012


I'm getting this post up a bit early, because it seems to me that none of the products I received this month require a long testing period.  So yay for you guys!  Another video!

EPIONCE on hands, ILLAMASQUA (still trying to figure out with to do with it...suggestions?),
NUME STYLE in hair, PERFUMIES on skin, SKIN&CO ROMA on face
The products in order from left to right...

1.) EPIONCE - Restorative Hand Cream
     Price of Full Size $19.00 / 2.5oz [In box: FULL SIZE]
2.) ILLAMASQUA LTD - Lip & Eye Medium Pencil - Thrash (Orange)
     Price of Full Size $20.00 / 0.05z [In box: FULL SIZE]
3.) NUME STYLE - Arganics by NuMe Argan Oil
     Price of Full Size $59.00 / 4.0oz [In box: 0.33oz/ $4.92]
4.) PERFUMIES - Solid Perfume Stick - Double Rainbow
     Price of Full Size $7.00 / 0.07oz [In box: FULL SIZE]
5.) SKIN&CO ROMA - Truffle Serum: Hydro-Toning Day Face Serum
     Price of Full Size $36.00 / 1.01oz [In box: 0.50oz/ $17.82]
***get $5 off using this promo code: 5R29 (ends 12.5.2012)***

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