November 5, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY | 11.5.2012

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With colder temperatures creeping up, I feel like I'm missing summer so much.  This week's playlist is a bit reflective of just how much I wish it was warm outside.

1.) Alexandra Stan - 'Lemonade' (craving a crisp, summery beverage)
2.) Brandon & Leah - 'Life Happens' (please throw sand in my hair and frolic on the beach with me)
3.) Jon Butler Trio - 'Good Excuse' (ugh summer festivals are the best)
4.) Mario - 'Ooh Baby' (a little bit of sexy to warm me up)
5.) MGK feat. Waka Flocka Flame - 'Wild Boy' (I wanna play drinking games...and beat all the boys!)

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