November 17, 2012

Creating A Meme - Pervy Paul, the 'say gurl' guy

::the official Pervy Paul template::
After a night of heavy drinking, we gathered at our friends Nathan and Tyler's house for after hours -- the setting in which this baller photo was taken.  There was a pair of Nathan's sunnies resting on the side table and Paul decided to try them on.  Being my usual snarky self, I told Paul he looked like a douchebag and somehow that snowballed into how it would be hilarious if was there was a douchey 'say gurl' meme.

So with the help and inspiration of Jon, Paul, and our drunken stupor brilliance, we created a meme and coined it as Pervy Paul (it was initially Pedophile Paul but there was a unanimous decision to change it to something more funny and less offensive).

::the first, official Pervy Paul creation::
Paul & Jon

I went to high school with Jon and he lives in Texas now.  And let me just tell you, Jon is a character.  I can always count on him for a good joke or story.  He's visiting the Midwest to spend Thanksgiving with his friends and family and brought home this Johnny Bravo bro-phrase -- 'say gurl!' (he made certain we all knew that girl was spelled g-u-r-l).  Needless to say, we loved it so much that a meme was derived from it.

Gosh, I miss the old school Cartoon good.

Pervy Paul is more or less the R-rated spawn of Johnny Bravo.  Speaking of Paul, the guy behind the meme, he's not as scummy as the photo suggests.  I went to high school with Paul as well, and he is one of the nicest and least pervy guys you'll ever meet so it's amazing that he let us mold him into this creepster, 'say gurl' character.

Now that you guys have the back story of Pervy Paul, let's talk about why I love everything about this photo.  This was the first photo taken out of a series of three, and I'd like to call this one the proverbial money shot.  The poor image quality (my iPhone takes really hazy photos when the flash is on), the wearing of sunglasses indoors and at night, the giant bar stamp, the positioning of his bro all just screams 'Hello, I'm a douche, it's nice to meet me'.  And I mean that in the nicest way because I told Paul to look extra douchey and he definitely delivered--well-douched my friend.

I'm soOo excited to bring you guys more 'say gurl' quotables stay posted and shoot me an idea if you have one!  Or share your Pervy Paul creations with me via Twitter (@jenncyu) or email:

Thanks guys!  Have a great day!

------Leaving you all with a few more Pervy Paul memes------

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  1. How About 'Why Dont we do the regular bed rouine if ya know what i mean'? Lol :)


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