September 18, 2012

{How-to} Use A Hair Donut ( 2 Bun Styles )

A bun is a classy hair style for the fall season and adds a touch of refinement to any look.  Hair donuts make it easy for long-locked ladies like me to achieve a sleek and stylish hairstyle.  In the following video, I walk you guys through how I create two of my most favorite bun styles.

I'm calling this first bun style a ballerina high bun.  It's not your traditional, quaint ballerina bun.  It is placed much higher on my head and is a lot fuller with the addition of a hair donut.

I'm naming this next bun style a modern chignon.  A classic chignon is usually placed much lower on the head--typically at the nape of the neck.  I made the look more contemporary by placing it on top of my head.

The modern chignon differs from the ballerina high bun because a chignon involves twisting the ponytail in a clockwise or couterclockwise direction to form a bun whereas a high bun is typically styled into a donut shape.

I hope you guys try these two hair styles and please tweet me a photo of how great you look! (TWITTER)

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