August 20, 2012

Always & Tampax Always Radiant Collection Review

Influenster sent me this Radiant pack to test and review, but I haven't got a chance to test it out yet.  I just keep it in my purse for... the emergency! 

Quick Take:  The pack comes with pads and tampons!  yay and the packaging is really cute.

Usage Tips:  I haven't got to try it yet but the products look promising.  I keep this Radiant pack in my purse :)

The Verdict:  I can't wait to try the products and I love having this little clutch to carry around.  It is discreet and compact and does it's job!  Though I haven't tried these particular products yet, I have tried other Always and Tampax items and I think they, as companies, are very forward thinking and always come out with new innovative feminine products.  They are a reliable company and have made many reliable products so I'm fully confident I will like these products and so will you.

Visit Always and Tampax to learn more about these new products they're launching!

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