August 10, 2017


Well guys, we made it through one month of home ownership without burning the property down AND without killing each other. I'm calling this a major victory. It has been a super stressful summer, and I'm surprised we were able to keep it together.

Last day at our townhouse

First and foremost, we're so glad to be done with house hunting and can focus on getting situated. It's strange to think we'll live in this house for years to come, but it's also nice to know we won't be moving anytime soon.

Our move to the new house went pretty smoothly...thanks to Two Men and a Truck. Evan and I decided that we were probably too old to call upon friends or family members for help, so we thought we'd try hiring professionals.

MOVING DAY! Goodbye, Portis Ave!

We moved all of the boxes and smaller items ourselves, and three men, actually, helped us with all of our larger items (i.e. furniture, grill, tv...etc). Hiring movers ended up costing us about $600 for 3-4 hours, but it was well worth it. We were done with the move by noon and had the rest of the day to unpack.

Happy on the outside, panic on the inside

We had planned on celebrating our move that evening, but leave it up to me to muck it up. Let's just say I got into a little fender bender, and I'm still mad about it. Just a note for people who speed. Please slow down...especially during rush hour. Also, why do people still text and drive?! I don't get it.

Anyways, the accident definitely left a damper on the day, but Evan really came through and did his best to calm my nerves. His affirmation during trying times is just one example of why I want to marry him (and I'm smiling as I write that).

The rest of the month has been problem-free though, and we're grateful for that. Our 80 year old home seems to be in good shape and no issues have arisen. I feel like we've mostly been trying to maintain the existing landscaping as best as we can. Evan's dad bought us a lawn mower that we've already put to good use.

Evan working, while I take pictures...typical

His co-workers also gave us a gift card to Home Depot, which we used to buy a weed whacker. Did you know weed whackers are actually named string trimmers? Who refers to it like that?

So yeah, the yard is being managed, while the inside of our home still needs a lot of work. The biggest thing we've accomplished thus far was getting our giant wooden box spring up the tight staircase. We were going to buy a new one, but thought it would be a waste of money. Especially since we've been talking about investing in a new bed altogether. Thankfully, a quick Google search showed us how to move a box spring that just won't fit. Thanks Internet.

Apparently, all you need is a handsaw and some muscle...

For those of you who would like an update on Maddie, she's slowly adjusting. It always takes her a while to get acclimated and feel secure in her new surroundings. It took her 2-3 weeks this time around, and I'm happy to report that the pig finally feels safe to roam the yard on her own. She even found a bunny friend to harass. What a bully!

Professional bunny chaser

Beyond the housework, we've had a few visitors come through, and it has been so much fun introducing the place to everybody. We love our new home, and we hope everyone we who visits loves it too.

My parents and brother visited! Good times.

Also, I want people to know that this house not only represents a home to me, but also Evan's great ability to care for me. I'm so proud of him and all of his hard work. We both know this wouldn't be possible without his frugality and his sacrifices. He really is the best.

And you guys are the best for supporting me and us in all of our endeavors. I love sharing my life through blogging, and hope I can inspire you as much as you inspire me. Love you all!

xo - jenn

July 31, 2017

DAILY BLURBS (July 2017)

Timber sunsets

7/1 Side Project for Tete de Cuvee, meeting Jessie, home for the 4th
7/2 Ottawa for the day
7/3 Cookout @ the Hembras, Kraig new place and new dog, Summer!
7/4 Lunch with fam
7/5 Officially homeowners and newly engaged!
7/6 Nothing has sunk in yet...could not focus for the life of me today
7/7 Moved more stuff to the house, Cugino's and Narrow Gauge
7/8 More moving, finally got to see some fireworks
7/9 Taking Maddie to Tower Grove Park for the last time, more moving, Chipotle
7/10 MOVING DAY: Two Men and Truck, car accident
7/11 Maria's engagement ring cake
7/12 Side Project for Leaner and Merlin's Milk
7/13 Maplewood's Aldi is awesome
7/14 Cleaning the old place and last photos
7/15 SP Styrbjorn release, half day of work, Andy's Frozen Custard, bed frame DIY
7/16 Finally got everything put away in the house, errands all day, parents arrive
7/17 St. Louis Bubble Tea, IKEA, Peacemaker Lobster and Crab
7/18 Wudon, Olive Supermarket
7/19 Take car into Abra, Salt & Smoke w/ Mike and Cindy
7/20 Get rid of cable? Super hot day...a/c can barely keep up
7/21 Home loan sold to Chase
7/22 SP La Ruche & Backpack Fashion Show, Sump, Perennial Artisan Ales, IMOs
7/23 Home Depot, The Gramophone, re-sealing shower project
7/24 Maddie is finally roaming the yard by herself!
7/25 Pilot run of primary assays stressing me out, Maddie tripped Evan going down the stairs :(
7/26 Forgot keys at work...
7/27 Got my car back, GUNS N ROSES tonight!!!
7/28 Confirmed: Melissa Reese is part Asian
7/29 MAC free lipstick fail, SP Jammy and Cassis du Fermier, last visit of old place
7/30 Maddie experienced PetSmart for the first time...she loved it!
7/31 Tasting w/ Side Project, Peacemaker, Sidney St. Cafe

Our obsession with Side Project is SO REAL

JAN'17 | FEB'17 | MAR'17 | APR'17 | MAY'17 | JUN'17



July 15, 2017

HOW TO: Move A Box Spring That Just Won't Fit (Cutting and Folding)

We've been sleeping on the floor for the past 10 days...but not tonight! Woo hoo!

When we first moved in, the rigid box spring couldn't make it up the staircase, so we settled on just placing the mattress on the rug. Evan didn't like that idea, but I was like whatever. Also, Maddie really enjoyed having us sleep on the floor with her. It was like a slumber party! 

Anyways, we contemplated buying a new box spring, but they're expensive and we're also in the market for a new bed. With that in mind, Evan decided to Google some solutions, which led us to folding and cutting our box spring. After a few hours of stress, we managed to get the darn thing up the stairs! 

Sawed box spring in half, folded it in half, and moved it up the stairs

Reconstructing the frame with additional wood 

Reattaching the dust cover

A bit messy, but it's done! 

The directions on Instructables say to cut the dust cover in half, but Evan just removed the staples on three sides and folded it over to expose the frame. This way, you don't have to do extra work closing the center up later...saves you some time in the long run. That's the only thing we did differently, and it worked like a charm. I would say that the most difficult step is folding and unfolding the box spring. The steel wires do not bend without a fight!

If you guys try this, let me know in the comments! I want to know if this works for other people too. Good luck!

xo - jenn

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