January 7, 2018

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Fighting the Midwest freeze with 'Freeze'



December 31, 2017

DAILY BLURBS (December 2017)

12/1 Hi Pointe Drive In for dinner
12/2 SP for Shared Coconut Vibes, Grace Meat + Three, gezellig for their first anniversary (CBS)
12/3 Last warm weekend - car wash and pig wash
12/4 Monday blues...
12/5 New phone!
12/6 2nd Shift mini date - BA Coffee LSD
12/7 Dinner w/ Paul @ Salt + Smoke
12/8 Sarra's 28th, laid back Friday
12/9 Franklys on Cherokee invite
12/10 Gift shopping, Rupi Kaur makes me feel things, Walnut Grille
12/11 Synergy2 is broken...grr
12/12 Evan's bday gift from Kraig - love it!
12/13 Tried to go to Shake Shack...line too damn long
12/14 The weekend cannot come soon enough...
12/15 Mac's Local Eats, Tapped
12/16 EPIC & Tap Soulard, bottle share, The Blue Duck, Side Project, Oreo Bday cake!
12/17 Evan turns 30! Also, why am I always craving Mai Lee?
12/18 Chubby bus stop bunny made my day :)
12/19 Dissecting my life away...haha
12/20 Last minute Christmas gift shopping
12/21 Almost completed Banner Sun Brain Tissue dissections
12/22 Christmas at Penny's
12/23 Rosie's for lunch - more last minute Christmas shopping
12/24 Evan's bday lunch, Maggie's, and SNOW!
12/25 Christmas w/ the fam, Mike's Christmas - Noon Whistle Brewing
12/26 Appt w/ Palace Events...finalizing wedding setup and teardown
12/27 Found the most perfect bridesmaid gifts!
12/28 Game night at the Hembras - Wizard and Joking Hazard
12/29 ...it's snowing AGAIN, viewed Daniel's new apartment
12/30 Cleaning and organizing childhood bedroom - threw away so much crap!
12/31 Found the cutest card holder for wedding

merry everything and a happy always!

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November 30, 2017

DAILY BLURBS (November 2017)

11/1 Getting things ready for Kat
11/2 Packaging Grace gown, Kat arrives!
11/3 The London Tea Room, Simple Human trash bin (thanks Kat), Mission Taco, Jeni's
11/4 Hiro, Gateway Arch, Sump Coffee, Perennial AA, Castlewood, Schlafly Full Moon Festival, The Blue Duck
11/5 Pastaria, downtown Clayton, Side Project, Corner 17 (delicious), Asked Kat to be MOH
11/6 Kat goes back to Dallas :(
11/7 Missed the bus home...drama as always
11/8 Weird day,
11/9 Google Home Mini Pop-Up Donut Shop
11/10 Watched UP! with Evan
11/11 ABRA SUCKS. SP 4 Candles, Mai Lee, Fall Clothing Haul edits
11/12 Lazy day
11/13 Felt super tired and unmotivated today
11/14 Return iPhone 8
11/15 Not a good day...
11/16 Better today :)
11/17 Seared my face with the curling iron, Nixta was AMAZING!
11/18 Benito drops in: Perennial, Corner 17, The Grove - Rehab Drag Show
11/19 The Shack, Garden Glow 2017
11/20 Excited for the short work week
11/21 Tuesdayyyyyyy
11/22 Back home for Thanksgiving, trying on THE DRESS
11/23 Thanksgiving lunch at Mike's, dinner with fam
11/24 Ottawa w/ Grandpa Bob and Danielle, 8Bit
11/25 Davis Lodge viewing, Side Project Derivation and Coconut Vibes
11/26 Brunch w/ Amir, Trish, Parisa, day drinking at Side Project
11/27 Feeling exhausted
11/28 Another day of work...
11/29 Admiring the nursery trees and wishing we would have gotten a Christmas tree :(
11/30 Learning more about TeKu glasses

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