June 23, 2017

BEER FLOATS: Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream + New Belgium Beer Pairings

My boyfriend and I are HUGE ice cream fans and love Ben and Jerry's. We didn't think 'Vermont's Finest' could taste any finer...but I guess we were wrong? I'm still on the fence about these beer floats and where it fits into my life, but maybe this was something we never knew we needed. It doesn't get much better than beer and ice cream though and we deserve to self-indulge every once in a while, am I right?! Tune in to see which tested combo was our favorite! 

Also, fun fact, my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor is Phish Food and Evan's favorite is Half Baked. 


June 19, 2017


Free Samples Available on 06/20/2017 at 12Noon EST:

Food & Snacks:
Hidden Valley® Simply Ranch Classic Ranch
Quaker® Chewy Bites
Pure Leaf Home Brewed Teas

Personal Care & Health:
Bioré® Baking Soda Pore Cleanser
Bioré® Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub
Bioré® Charcoal Acne Scrub
Bioré® Baking Soda Acne Scrub
Carol’s Daughter Shampoo + Conditioner
LISTERINE® COOL MINT® Zero and Total Care Zero Alcohol Mouthwash
Bug Protector All Natural Bug Repellent
ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep-Aid
Sundown Naturals B12 500mcg Gummies
Tummy Zen Total Heartburn Relief
Gillette Cool Wave Clear Gel 0.5 oz.
Sensodyne® Deep Clean

Home & Pets:
Fancy Feast® Creamy Delights™ Wet Cat Food
Cesar Dry Dog Food
Scotch-Brite™ Lint Roller


May 31, 2017


Good vibes @ McGurks

5/1 Made a full roast chicken for the first time
5/2 CryoEM Symposium, Susan bomb, Cards game with lab
5/3 Introduced dry-brushing back into my skincare routine
5/4 Text fights suck...grr.
5/5 Bob and Kraig visit - STL Microfest 2017, Mission Taco
5/6 Side Project - D7 and 3 Candles, Kentucky Bourby Beer Garden Party, McGurks
5/7 Added more to my Poshmark Closet
5/8 Finished all PAND Study dissections
5/9 HOPE Center Retreat
5/10 Still working on closets: eBay, Poshmark
5/11 Last preliminary experiment for TDP-43
5/12 First official Food Truck Friday, Side Project Cellar w/ Amir and Doug
5/13 Strawberry rhubarb crumble and first time trying gummy edibles
5/14 Hi-Pointe Drive In
5/15 House hunting! Groby house, Arlington house
5/16 Trial of Fluor Screen - 5 plates
5/17 Buying and returning hats, Maddie and Daisy on the porch :)
5/18 First time hearing about Center Ice Brewery
5/19 BCA training, Amherst house, Kitchen Kulture, Ted Drewes
5/20 Ring shopping, Taste of Maplewood, Maddie's 10th Bday, Kriek du Fermier
5/21 Went to two open houses: Jerome and Stanford, dinner @ Frankie and Taylor's
5/22 Submitted an offer for Stanford, back to the original bus route, Kbop for lunch, romphims?
5/23 Jerome house again, Columbia house in our favorite UCity neighborhood
5/24 Signed up for Gateway Greening
5/25 Cornell house with fallen brick, tiny Bruno house in Maplewood
5/26 Home for Memorial Day weekend
5/27 Ottawa: lunch at Marseilles, dinner @ Monte's
5/28 Finally found a cute fruit basket, Grandma's day
5/29 Memorial Day with family - love and bibimbap
5/30 We put an offer in for a house and we got it!
5/31 Looking up how to recreate seller's kitchen prints - soOo excited about our house!

Sneak peek of our new home...

JAN'17 | FEB'17 | MAR'17 | APR'17


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